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Your Free Introductory Session

The meeting is completely non-binding and does not commit you to anything. This session as well as all others can also be done online.

At your first visit we will have a conversation to clarify questions about your person, your medical and personal history and your goal for the treatment (anamnesis), then I will explain the methods and the opportunities for healing using energy therapy.

The session will end with a summarising conversation and - if you decide to do so - clarification of the future course of treatment.

Depending on the anamnesis, your history, preferences and requests, we will start a treatment tailored to you at the following session.

Energy Therapy facilitates 
exceptionally good and fast results.

"I want to thank you again for your powerful and supportive work. It has really offered me so much healing and growth, I am so grateful. Since our last session, there have been many wonderful developments as well as challenges, however, I feel I am on an exciting path and learning to trust myself and the process more and more :-)"  A. F.

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