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You want to balance all of your chakras in one hour? No problem!
July 10, 2012

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

Tomorrow will be our last meditation evening of this cycle.

And tomorrow you will learn to balance all of your chakras in 1 hour.

So I have the great pleasure of inviting you to join us and to stimulate

Chakra 1: The foundation of emotional and mental health

Chakra 2: The Partnership Chakra

Chakra 3: The magnetic core of the personality and ego

Chakra 4: The central powerhouse of the human energy system

Chakra 5: The center of choice and consequence

Chakra 6: The link to our mental body and our intelligence

Chakra 7: The entry point for the human life-force

Please register here.

I am looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow evening.

For your health,

Anja Hertkorn
Praxis fuer Energie-Therapie
Energy Therapy Practice

0032-478-310 684

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