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Last Possibility To Join Our Chakra-Meditation-Course Beginning On 30 April
April 28, 2014

Hello dear reader, hello my friend,

In my next Chakra-Meditation-Course

You will learn to

Enhance the energy of each chakra with specific exercises

• Know exactly which chakra you should work on

Improve your vitality, endurance and productivity

• Increase your lung capacity, stimulate circulation and generate great energy

Build confidence and the capacity to understand who you are

• Improve your coordination and focus

After each meditation class you will feel the difference. Your symptoms will vanish. Your mood will improve.

Meditation is the tool to inner guidance, joy and freedom.

If you haven't registered yet, then check it out here: MeditationCourse

I would love to guide you towards more connection, joy and fulfilment.

Anja Hertkorn

Energy Therapy Practice
Rue des Aduatiques 48
1040 Brussels

0478/310 684

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