Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

As a parent or a teacher, are you feeling at a loss with a child? Are behaviors such as lying, defiance, lack of motivation, or irresponsibility a problem?

I am so thrilled. I've just learned about this FREE teleseminar on parenting and teaching where you can learn to raise happy and successful kids and experience the peace that comes along with it.

So many children need help. This subject is really dear to me.

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Here's just some of the things you will learn:

- Why high self-esteem is so critical for happiness and success in a child's life

- How to empower your kids

- Energetic tools for achieving their peak performance in whatever they do

- How to deal with bullying and bullies with a win-win solution

- How to successfully discipline a child from a position of love

- Ways for helping children with attention and focus issue

- How to put yourself in a state of peace and happiness and let it 'rub off' onto your kids

- And much more!

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Below are some of the amazing experts who have come together to offer you their techniques and knowledge on how to raise and teach happy, successful, enlightened kids. It takes only a couple hours of your time each week at your convenience to learn this valuable information, all for FREE. These experts normally charge hundreds of dollars for their time. What an awesome chance to pick up some very pertinent tips and tools that can help you deal with the daily challenges you face in one of the most important jobs you do. But, you need to take action. Start by clicking on the link below to learn more.

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- Joe Rubino will tell you about the importance of high self esteem and how to help kids to develop it.

- Izzy Kalman teaches you proven ways to deal with bullys and bullying.

- Brad Yates shows you an effective method for helping kids to feel good.

- Anat Baniel will give you techniques for helping special needs kids and all kids expand beyond their limits.

- And so much more...

What would it take for every parent and teacher to have the tools and knowledge to raise happy and enlightened kids?

What would it take for every child in the world to know how truly beautiful they are?

With all my blessings,

Anja Hertkorn
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