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Is guilt a feeling that protects us from other feelings?

We all know the feeling of guilt: this nagging feeling that is so difficult to release and to deal with, especially when we think we did not do enough for a person we cared about.

I realized in my work with clients that guilt has a tendency to come back when not properly addressed.

With one of my clients I worked on the guilt he was feeling towards his dad, because he had not spent enough time with him before he passed away.

The big aha-moment came when my client realized that it was better to beat himself up in feeling guilty and angry towards himself, a feeling that was easier to control than the feeling of the huge loss, the grief, the sadness and helplessness, that the death of his father had caused. It was too painful and his guilt served as a protection from this pain.

When we addressed the loss, the pain and the helplessness, his guilt vanished.

I have put together a tapping sequence, which you can tap along, if you wish to get rid of your guilt.

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