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This week's health tip is about a very special topic: How to make a super delicious green smoothie.

Over the years I have tried various approaches to nutrition, like food combining, the blood type diet, wholefood etc.. I have come to the conclusion that every approach contains some very valuable information.

So I have taken the best of every approach, put it in a mixer and the outcome is ... my very own knowing what is healthy for me and what is not. And I think everyone needs to figure out for themselves what is good and what is not.

But one thing is sure: we are not eating enough green stuff.

What about enjoying a super delicious green smoothie for breakfast instead of bread, butter and jam?

Please watch 2010 USA Masters Mountain Runner of the Year Tim VanOrden's inspiring and entertaining video, where you will learn in great detail:

- how to make a green smoothie

- what ingredients to put in

- and, believe it or not, how to drink it.

Please watch the video here:

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