Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

Let me tell you the story of Keri.

Keri Ranson was a school bus driver; a single mom with no college degree and one drive, to support her two small children. Keri went back to school and dove into corporate America, where she had quite a bit of success.

She eventually got her MBA and a snug place in middle management … making six-figures a year. Sound like a success story to you?

Keri will tell you it was “life in a straightjacket.” There was no passion, no blood pumping in the morning; no risk-taking … no creativity.

She was living somebody else’s life.

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She had taken the “vow of invisibility,” the limiting vow at her power center, her 3rd chakra.

By vowing to be invisible - Keri turned her back on her true self and her unique gifts.

How have you denied your true self?

Keri also lived with a dark secret; she was living with crushing debt, over six figures worth.

But there is a happy ending to Keri’s story; and to yours if you like.

Margaret Lynch’s new Tapping video exercise completely clears that “vow of invisibility” you made.

Tapping heals that negative vow that keeps you from stepping into your true power.

Tapping neutralizes that vow that stops the income and wealth flowing into your life.

Margaret Lynch just released another video in her fantastic 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation series.

Margaret Lynch is regarded as a top Tapping (EFT) expert. In this excellent video exercise, Margaret shows you the simple ten minute Tapping exercise Keri used to break-free of the straightjacket of her life; her vow of invisibility.

Margaret’s specialty is getting to the core of what blocks our success – the limiting beliefs and old programming that hold us back in our careers, businesses and finances.

Margaret cutting edge work includes the negative and limiting “vows” we take; the unconscious decisions we make about money that are stored in our chakras.

Margaret shows you how to heal and neutralize these vows before we can claim the money, wealth, and prosperity we want for ourselves.

7 Levels Pre-launch Video 2

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