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Do you have attitudes that disempower you?
November 23, 2012

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

- When you can see where you came from,

- when you can see what your purpose is in life,

- when you can see that everything is in divine order (even the things you do not like),

then your sixth chakra is open,

- when you have attitudes that disempower you,

- when negative behavioral patterns continually surface in your relationships with others,

- when you are judgmental,

- when you are frightened of conscious changes,

then your sixth chakra is not in balance or closed.

The Mind chakra resonates to the energies of our psyches, our conscious an unconscious psychological forces, it is the center in which the interaction of mind and psyche can lead to intuitive sight and wisdom.

So I have the great pleasure of inviting you to the next chakra meditation evening where we will strenghten the sixth chakra so that we can opening ourseves to more and more wisdom on

25 November at 6.15 p.m. at

Katholische Gemeinde, Dt. Sprache Bruessel
Entrance: André Fauchillestraat 3A, 1150 Brussels

Please register here.

For your joy,

Anja Hertkorn
Praxis fuer Energie-Therapie
Energy Therapy Practice

0032-478-310 684

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