Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

The first evening of the ‚Tapping into a life of magic’ - series is approaching; starting on 20 September 2011 from 7 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

I will show you how you can live the life you deserve and become better in your career and your relationships by overcoming your obstacles, getting rid of your fears and transforming your problems.

I have attended some really cool EFT seminars this year: one with Steve Wells and David Lake, and one with Carol Look and Steve Wells. On top of it I followed the program of Margaret Lynch.

I learned from the best and it transformed my life.

You have the opportunity to benefit from my training in the ‘Tapping into a life of magic’ - series, where you will learn the newest most comprehensive EFT strategies – all in one place – to become a better and healthier you.

In freeing yourself from negative emotions, you will become part of the fast growing and evolving EFT community in order to change yourself and serve others.

I know that this series will transform your life to the better.

Take your chance and register now at the end of this page:

For your health,

Anja Hertkorn
Praxis fuer Energie-Therapie
Energy Therapy Practice

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