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Your Life Matters. Do You Live Your Life Purpose?
February 17, 2014

Hello dear reader, hello dear friend,

Do you wonder: What is my life's purpose?

Are you ready to find out?

I have created an EFT-Seminar divided into 5 evenings beginning on 11 March on

'Live Your Life Purpose'.

für die deutschen Leser: "Lebe Deinen Lebenstraum"

because I want you to be happy and to know that your life matters.

If you are happy, you start to become the person who you were meant to be.
If you are the person who you were meant to be, you live your life purpose.

In this seminar you will learn

- the principles and basics of EFT
- to use EFT in order to find and to live your life purpose
- to clear negative beliefs, feelings and resistances standing in the way of living your life purpose
- to stop procrastination so that you can create the first steps towards living your life purpose
- to discover your self-worth and how important it is (also for others) that you live your life purpose
- to ask the universe for support so that you can live your life purpose

Find out the details here.

This is not an ordinary EFT class. The beauty of this seminar is that the special work at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels will reach you at the very centre of your being to effect powerful change in your life.

You will actually feel the physical shifts in your body as the negative programs are quickly and efficiently swept away and replaced with empowering, positive programs and frequencies. It will leave you rejuvenated, joyful and energized.

Once you have learned how to deal with your issues, you’ll be able to practise EFT by yourself for the rest of your life, and draw on EFT whenever you need a dose of energy healing.

Please register here for the 5 tranformational EFT evenings

For your joy

Anja Hertkorn
Praxis fuer Energie-Therapie
Energy Therapy Practice

0032-478-310 684

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