"Verbinde Dich mit Dir selbst"

Do You Feel The Intensity Of This Time?
Learn to accept your emotions

Sunday, October 25

Are you sick of dealing with all those health issues again and again?

  • Feeling the pain in your neck,
  • in your back,
  • not being able to bend down or to the side,
  • having skin or heart rate problems or
  • a grumbling stomach after you have eaten something delicious?

Or worse, feeling sad and down or even sometimes a little depressed about life?

And what about your fears that are stopping you like haunting ghosts?

Isn't it time to let all that struggle go?

The truth is that you are a powerful, beautiful, exceptional human being and you are born to make the most of every second of your time on earth.

You deserve to live fearlessly and with authentic joy and confidence in order to share your uniqueness with the world.

But when you do not recognize your own value or realize what a treasure you truly are because of past fears and limiting beliefs, everything you are meant to be, do and have gets lost in the chaos of uncertainty and low self-worth.

You will be unable to hear the voice of your Highest Self - the part of you that is fearless, loving, kind and always wise.
 The part of you that will steer you to the big, beautiful life you were meant to live. Anything less is a tragedy because you are meant to fulfill your own, unique purpose.
When you don’t hear your highest calling because of a lack of self-belief, low self-worth, a shackled spirit, or a drained body, you are chaining yourself to a lesser life and depriving the world of who you truly are and what you are meant to give.

Well, I have good news for you: You can learn to dissolve your limiting beliefs, your fears, your pain on your own.

Imagine how your life would unfold

  • if you could love your body
  • if you felt totally alive and energized
  • if you could share your newfound passion and motivation and happiness with the world around you

I personally know that it is never too late for change.

As an Energy Therapist, Coach and EFT-Practitioner I have had the privilege to help countless people over the last 16 years, to achieve

  • Deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Reducing fear and stress
  • Working with motivation after being bored or unsatisfied
  • Getting back their health and energy after being exhausted and depressed
  • Changing their careers in order to do what they really love to do
  • Eating healthily after years of eating disorders
  • Finding the perfect place after years of searching
  • Or getting whatever they dreamt about.

These people are not only living much better lives than before, they are reconnected to themselves.

And if you are reconnected to your divine self you have so much energy that you jump out of bed every morning because you cannot wait to do what you love most.

During individual EFT consultations, I have helped my clients to remove subconscious thought patterns that were silently sabotaging their ability to attract wealth, health or happiness. In this time I have also used EFT to eliminate my own blockages.

And to be honest I was a very angry, frustrated and depressed person for quite some time. Today I am happy and I love my life, because I feel connected.

If I can break free from my blockages and feel happy and connected, YOU can do it too!

How about you? Are you living your highest potential or have you given up on it?

You know certainly that it is impossible to reach your highest potential, if unconscious blockages are holding you back.

And you probably also know that your state of mind and consciousness is directly related to what you are experiencing at a given moment of your life.

How to permanently remove old energetic thought patterns

Your existing energetic subconscious thought patterns are very often passed down from generation to generation and will always pull you back to the same limiting behaviour if you do not free your energy system.

I therefore have the great pleasure to announce the


This seminar will eliminate each of your wealth, health or happiness blockages, one after the other.

You will not only learn how to use EFT for some common issues. What you get is a complete course on how to use EFT or tapping to uncover your deeply hidden, false, negative beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your highest potential and to reconnect yourself to your divine being. You will experience a powerful process that taps into your energetic frequency in order to get the same transformational energy clearing results as experienced by others I have worked with.

I have created this seminar based on all the years of research, training, education and personal experience I’ve gathered.

This Transformational EFT Seminar

 will teach you

  1. the principles and basics of EFT 
  2. to combine EFT with other energy techniques
  3. to clear pain and reconnect to health
  4. to let go of fear and reconnect to security
  5. to dissolve the lack of self-worth and reconnect to worthiness and the feeling of deserving
  6. to stop procrastination and reconnect to motivation
  7. to clear grief and reconnect to joy
  8. to let go of addictions and reconnect to independence
  9. to clear difficulties in relationships and reconnect to love and intimacy

This seminar will help you dissolve multiple Self-Sabotage Programs one by one.

EFT has worked wonders again and again for people from different backgrounds, belief systems, cultures and continents.

This is not an ordinary EFT class. The beauty of this seminar is that the special work at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels will reach you at the very centre of your being to effect powerful change in your life.

You will actually feel the physical shifts in your body as the negative programs are quickly and efficiently swept away and replaced with empowering, positive programs and frequencies. It will leave you rejuvenated, joyful and energized.

Once you have learned how to deal with your issues, you’ll be able to practise EFT by yourself for the rest of your life, and draw on EFT whenever you need a dose of energy healing.

What are your unconscious negative beliefs and programs really costing you?

I think you deserve a better experience!

It is my greatest joy to help people get their energy back and watch them remember their dreams, believe in their potential and live their life purpose.

I am convinced that EFT offers the possibility for change in a big way.  And this seminar will guide you smoothly through this process.

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October 25

9.30 - 18.00

197,- €

Moorselstraat 171, 3080 Tervuren

The path to your passionate life starts with a decision. If you are ready to make a commitment, I am ready to help you by showing you that it is possible to reconnect to your best self!

Begin to tap into your highest potential now and register here before 15 October:

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