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Inspirational Tapping Sequence For You And 'Master the Law of Attraction' - Workshop
January 26, 2014

Hello dear reader, hello dear friend,

2014 feels so different, at least for me, I am coming up with so many great ideas to serve you better, I feel so much more vibrant, alive and enthusiastic than at the end of last year. I love it!

My first great idea this morning was to provide you with an inspirational tapping sequence in this newsletter. You will find it further down.

My second great idea this morning was…

You probably remember that I gave a workshop last December called:

'Mastering the Law of Attraction'.

We had a great time! The participants loved it.

I showed them a process in order to get clear about what they really wanted to achieve or create. They also understood that without commitment it is not possible to manifest whatsoever. I taught them how to release doubts and sabotaging behaviour. And we played! Big time!

I showed them 12 proven steps to create and attract the things they were longing for into their lives. It was awesome and so much fun!

So my second great idea this morning was … to offer this workshop again on 22 February.

This workshop will help you to become clear about what you really want and how to attract exactly that into your reality.

Can it get any better than that?

Get all the details here.

And here as promised is your inspirational tapping sequence:

(Please tap through the points.)

Last year was difficult,
I struggled,
I had difficulties,
in some areas I failed,
sometimes I felt not good enough,
and sometimes I doubted my abilities,
I was wondering:
What is wrong with me?
What is wrong with the world?
Why is it so hard?

So I am really glad that last year is over,
what a relief!
What if I could find a better way of dealing with things,
what if I could see that I not only got a New Year,
but that I got a new possibility
to love myself,
to nurture myself,
to be good to myself,
and to see myself as unique and special.

I am grateful for the last year
and the years before last year,
I had the chance to grow
and to expand.
Without these years of learning
I would not be who I am now.
What if I could be proud of myself
for what I have become so far.

Thank you universe
for letting me live
and experience another year
where I can find out
how to attract the things
and circumstances into my life
that really matter to me!

For your joy

Anja Hertkorn
Praxis fuer Energie-Therapie
Energy Therapy Practice

0032-478-310 684
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