"When Your Wishes Become Reality -
The Law Of Attraction In Action"
Workshop 4 March 2018

2018 is THE year – the year to live our best lives. It's not about holding on to the past and stagnating; it's about creating something new.

  • Are you living a happy, joyful and fulfilled life?
  • Do you have everything you want, or is there something missing from your life?
  • Would you like some more time for yourself, better relationships with your family or friends, more money, a great hobby, a better job or a loving partner?

 What do you want to achieve in 2018?

If you can wish for something, then it can become a reality, no matter what.

The universe knows no boundaries. The limits are in your head. It is only old beliefs and their associated feelings and fears that prevent you from allowing certain things into your life.

We (myself included) often let ourselves move far too quickly into a reality that does not correspond to our own, because we forget who we are. We believe in limitations, restrictions, worthlessness and inability.

Based on these premises we draw things, circumstances or people into our lives and get upset when things don't turn out the way we had originally wished for. It is an unconscious process.

If we make this process conscious, we can take advantage of the law of attraction and use it in a way that the results make us happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

You probably know "The Secret" and the books of Esther and Jerry Hicks. Yet it is not easy to remember not to mention to implement what we have learned.

How would it be to not only learn varied techniques but also put them into practice immediately so that your wishes are understood by the Universe and materialized?

How would it be to get a package of great ideas, which you can go back to anytime you like to make another desire happen?

I met an attendee of last year’s seminar and with a big smile on her face she told me:

My heart’s desire actually came true! We bought the estate on the land, last summer. I found the seminar very helpful guidance. It pointed me in the right direction. I’m still amazed”.

Her eyes were shining.

Last year, when she came to the seminar, she didn’t really have a clue about what was really important to her. During the course of the seminar and with the help of different exercises she rediscovered an old, underlying desire. In order to realize this very concrete plan for her future, a country house was needed.

She had not only found out her true heart's desire, it had actually become a reality.

Another participant had wished for a partner and followed all of the seminar’s steps/tips  precisely.  A few months later she met the love of her life.

We are able to bring great things into our lives when we know what to do!

Attendees of previous workshops reported that everything on their vision boards became true!

I am always so amazed by this tool alone!

It's time to unleash our potential and see ourselves as we really are: unlimited, powerful and loving souls.

Let us again marvel at the wonders of this world, like open children, ready to receive and create a reality that will make us happy.

If you want to find out what you truly desire and how the law of attraction works, then I kindly invite you to the workshop:

"When Your Wishes Become Reality -
The Law Of Attraction
In Action"






4 March 2018

10.00 - 17.30

Tree of Life Studio: Nieuwstraat 7, 3080 Tervuren

150 € 


In this workshop you'll

  • achieve clarity and awareness about what is truly important to you and
  • learn how to stay engaged to reach your goal(s).
  • also learn how to rid yourself of the doubts and belief systems that stand in the way of fulfilling your dreams/wishes.
  • be given tools and ideas to make your wish reality.

You will learn

  • How to be grateful even though you do not have yet what you desire
  • How to use the 'All Is Possible Process'
  • How to find your life purpose
  • How to create a vision board or a mind movie
  • How to work with Feng-shui
  • What statements and affirmations to use
  • How to use creative visualization
  • What Meditation to use
  • How to work with your chakras

Are you ready to mould your life in an easy and creative way?

Then I’ll be glad to greet you at this creative, fun and inspirational workshop.

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