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Change Of Date For The Relationship-Seminar For Women
May 16, 2014

Hello dear reader, hello dear friend,

Thank you so much for the great response to the upcoming seminar:

'How to create relationships with men that are easy, fun and passionate'.


The seminar will be packed with great content and very helpful for all your relationships with men, no matter if you have a mate or not.

- Did you know that men date and women do not date?

Let me explain: Men go out and date in order to engage and to be social. Women meet somebody and start a relationship. When women date it is like a job interview with a long list.

- Did you know that people who cause the most sexual attraction are the hardest to get along with?

Men will do everything to get the girl. The chemistry causes men to lie. Women want to please him and start doing things they are not interested in. More about dating in the seminar…

Unfortunately, many of you are not able to come on 25 May.

Therefore I would like to cancel the 25 May and offer the 8 or 15 June 2014 instead.

I really want you to benefit from the revealing content of this seminar, so please let me know if you prefer the 8 or 15 June as soon as possible (by Tuesday 22/5 at the latest).

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards,


Anja Hertkorn
Energy Therapy Practice
Rue des Aduatiques 48
1040 Brussels

0478/310 684

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