Seminar For Women
30 November 2014:
How to create relationships with men
that are easy, fun and passionate

  • Are relationships with men driving you nuts?
  • Do you think that relationships with men will not work, no matter how hard you try?
  • Do you think that something is wrong with you because you are not in a relationship or because you have difficulties in relationships with men?

Let me tell you a story that happened many years ago in my own life where I had no idea how to communicate in order to feel understood.

My man spends half of the year in Brussels and the other half of the year in Munich. If he is not in Brussels for 4 weeks, he usually comes to Brussels for a weekend.

When he wanted to watch a football game in the past on a Saturday when he stayed only for the weekend in Brussels, I felt offended and thought he was not interested in spending time with me and that I did not matter to him.

Was I not important enough? The little connection we had just built all of a sudden felt cut by his strange wish to watch a football game. How could he? We hadn’t seen each other for a long time and he had to travel back the following morning.

I got tense and withdrew my love from him. I was hurt and angry and he could not understand why. The whole situation escalated into a fight and felt even more painful when I realized that the only time we had, we fought.

  • Why are relationships so difficult and painful?
  • Why couldn’t he understand what I wanted and needed?

We had endless discussions about his behaviour and my reactions. And all my skills as a therapist didn’t work back then! :)

I am almost sure that all women can relate to the situation above.

Or do you feel connected, heard, seen and understood by men all the time?

Are YOU able to communicate with men
without misunderstandings?

Relationships can drive both men and women nuts.

We women long for words, time and touch from a man; we need support, attention, laughter, passion, affection, love, interest and respect.

If we do not get what we need, we think that something is wrong with us and try to perfect our imperfections. If this doesn’t work either, we walk away thinking: “What an idiot!”

  • What if the so-called idiot isn’t an idiot at all?
  • What if men try to support, love us and care for us all the time?
  • What if we could learn to communicate in a way so that men understand what we need?
  • What if we could learn MEN-Language?

Ladies, I have good news for you: It is possible to get what you need from a man!

Learn how to understand the mysteries of men’s behaviour and what it means in the revealing and fun seminar:

How to create relationships with men
that are easy, fun and passionate!

You will learn

  • how to communicate with men without misunderstandings,
  • that you have everything a man needs in order to fall in love with you.

Men are different, and they have a different understanding of things than women. If you know how to communicate with men, everything changes.

If I had known in my first marriage what I know now, everything would have been different. It wouldn’t necessarily mean that we would still be married, but we could have separated more easily.

Today my relationship with my man is so wonderful, easy, fun and passionate that I can hardly believe it. The reason is not because I am so damn smart, it is because I learned a new skill, I learned to crack the code on men.

Are you ready to learn this new skill too? MEN-Language?

Then I invite you to my next relationship-seminar for women.

Here are the details:






30 November 2014

9.30 am - 5.30 pm

150,- €

Moorselstraat 171, 3080 Tervuren-Moorsel


I can’t wait to teach you how to end the struggle with men and how to understand them so that you too can live a fulfilling, fun and passionate relationship with men.

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