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Let's bring your power back ladies!
May 27, 2013

(sorry to all the men on my list: this invitation is not for you, and I would be grateful, if you could forward this email to the woman you love)

Dear Ladies, dear friends,

Let’s be honest: As women we sometimes feel lousy!

Sexuality, menstruation, pregnancy, birthing and the menopause are not so easy to handle, especially because of the emotional instabilities connected with them.

And when it comes to miscarriages, abortions and abuse, there are even more emotions to handle.

- Did you know that cysts are very often caused by a repetition of old pain patterns?

- Did you know that PMS is very often caused by a denial of the feminine processes of life?

- And did you know that you can reduce the physical problems by taking care of the emotional causes? Of course you knew that one ☺ !

If you want to know how to handle your woman-issue, then I invite you to a very special evening on 28 May at 19.00 where you will learn how to empower your womanhood!

Let’s bring your power back ladies!

You can register here:

‘Tapping into an easy life’

I would be very happy to welcome you to this transformational evening.

For your joy,

Anja Hertkorn
Praxis fuer Energie-Therapie
Energy Therapy Practice

0032-478-310 684

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