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Energy Therapy helps you as a professionally successful woman find stability and fulfilment in your personal life so you can live your true purpose.  

Can energy therapy help you? Listen as Anja Hertkorn shares how, and get ready to start living your best life.

Anja Hertkorn- Energy Therapist, EFT Expert, Psychotherapist, Emotion Code Practioner

If you are successful in your career but lack fulfilment in your private life - or vice versa - this indicates energetic blockages. And then it can be that you

  • Feel exhausted and lack energy
  • Feel overloaded with your everyday life
  • Feel lonely and empty
  • Are confronted with the same difficulties in your private life again and again
  • Doubt yourself and question yourself
  • Feel inferior and sad

  • Can't sleep
  • Suffer from migraines or other psychosomatic complaints
  • Slip into depression or burn-out
  • Suffer from panic attacks and fears
  • Cover up your emptiness and loneliness with too much alcohol or overeating

Energy Therapy helps you to find security, stability and peace in your private life, to strengthen your self-confidence, to bring your power and energy back to you and to work on your life's dream with clear goals so that you can live your true destiny.

happy couple

We women know how important a fulfilling private life is for us. Happy relationships and harmony in the family is the crucial basis for being able to live our true destiny. When we feel secure and safe in our private lives, we can become who we are meant to be.

Feeling bad about yourself, be it that you 

  • Doubt yourself and don't know how to set boundaries
  • Keep attracting the wrong partners
  • Are not happy with your current partner
  • Wondering what you are doing wrong
  • Falling back into sabotaging behaviour as soon as you get involved with a new partner
  • Not living your potential and your true self - neither in a relationship nor outside of it
  • Can't sleep because you're afraid of growing old alone

doesn't need to be and can often be changed faster than you think.

Are you willing to become the queen that lies dormant within you?

Happy, Self-Confident Woman

What do I mean by that? A woman who resides in her power,

  • Has clarity of purpose and vision: She knows what she wants to achieve and is able to take concrete steps to turn her dreams into reality.
  • Takes responsibility for her own life and actions: She recognises that she is the designer of her destiny and that she has control over her decisions and reactions. She takes responsibility for her well-being, satisfaction and personal growth.
  • Has healthy self-control over her emotions and actions: She is able to remain calm and level-headed, even in challenging situations. This ability enables her to make wise decisions, communicate effectively and maintain positive relationships.
  • Has self-esteem: She knows her own worth and values herself. She has a healthy self-esteem based on self-acceptance and self-love. She is aware of her strengths, skills and talents and uses them to reach her full potential.
  • Manages her resources wisely: She has a good understanding of how to use time, energy, money, knowledge effectively to support her goals. She makes informed decisions, prioritises and balances work, personal life and self-care.
  • Has a natural authority: She exudes a natural authority that is respected by others. She shows authenticity, stands by her opinion and embodies her values. Her charisma and self-confidence gain the respect and recognition of those around her. Others seek her leadership and value her opinions and contributions.
  • Is an inspiration to others: Her balance, inner strength and self-confidence make her a strong and inspiring figure for those around her.

You can achieve all this by changing your energy.

If you have problems staying in your strength and keep losing your centre, I can understand you well. It was no different for me in the past.

But it doesn't have to be like that and shouldn't be like that.

Anja Hertkorn - Energy Therapist, EFT Expert, Psychotherapist, Emotion Code Practitioner

For over 20 years I have been helping professionally successful women from all over the world who feel lonely and unhappy to live their true purpose.

I know that change doesn't have to be difficult or take a long time.

Is it time to do something for yourself and change your energy?

1. Book Your Free Intro Session

2. Learn How Energy Therapy Can Help In Your Case

3. Bring Clarity, Joy and Energy Into Your Life

"I want to thank you for your patience, for the safe space you offered me, for so many things, more than I can list here. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be alive today if I had not met you. You truly have a gift and I have learned so much from you. Thank you."  C. C.

The optimal
 combination of directive 
Energy Therapies in this changing time facilitates exceptionally good and fast results as work is done on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


Let me help you clear your energy field of blockages.
The methods I use are fantastic so that you can

1. Come into your power, energy and joy to become the queen that is waiting inside you to be allowed to be her true self

2. Strengthen your self-confidence and self-awareness and be able to set boundaries

3. Feel good emotionally, mentally and physically in order to stay balanced

4. Experience fulfilment in your relationships and thus a sense of security and belonging

5. Become a strong personality who can make good decisions for herself, for her family and in her job

When you are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually in balance, you can make wise decisions that go far beyond your own life. 


If you have also accepted your past, are mindful of yourself and others and live in harmony with nature, you can become a wise counsellor that the world needs now.

"I want to thank you for last week's session. I feel something very deep has released and been let go of. I feel lighter, less heavy, and no longer identifying or taking over the pain of something I wasn't able to previously articulate. Working with you has been such a great support and resource. It has also helped speed up my process of transformation and helped me realize my dreams." A. F. 

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ARTICLES/CASE STUDIES and problems that can be solved with energy therapy  

FEED-BACK from happy people I have worked with

HEALTH TIPS to start laying the foundations for happiness, contentment and energy

VIDEOS/AUDIOS for your inspiration

How about finding hope and perspective
to pursue a new goal with motivation and energy in your life?


If emotional, mental, physical or energetic blocks are not released, you risk your symptoms or problems getting worse over time.

If you are tired of

x Relationship stress

x Worthlessness

x Loneliness, despair and hopelessness

x Sabotaging behaviour

x Anxiety or panic attacks

x Physical or other problems

and want to become the woman you have always wanted to be, and therefore feel you may need trusting support then

give me a call +32-478-310 684 or send me a message to arrange an appointment.

I would be very pleased to accompany you on your path.

My teacher, Gerda Boyesen (May 18, 1922 – December 29, 2005) the founder of Biodynamic Psychology, once said: 

“It is love that heals.” She was so right!

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