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Bring your energy system in balance with
Energy Balancing Therapy!

You can do something for your physical, emotional, and mental health with energy balancing therapy. Ready for some positive change? Let's get started.

What is Energy Therapy?

Woman Walking on the Beach Enjoying the Benefits of Energy Balancing Therapy

Energy balancing therapy is one of the best alternative therapies in the field of holistic healing.

We are provided on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level with life energy, also called prana or chi. An invisible energy field composed of this life energy permeates and surrounds us.

Every person comes with a unique energy that affects their body, mind and emotions. Energy therapy aims to release energy blockages, restore and harmonise the balance and flow of energy in the body and cleanse the energy field. This reduces stress, dissolves negative emotions, promotes general well-being and mobilises the inner healing powers. 

Energy therapy is not only good for releasing defects from your energy field, but also belongs to the best health care that I know.

What can Energy Balancing Therapy achieve?
Energy balancing therapy has already helped many people I have worked with, and can help you, too, to

End destructive behaviour

Get out of a depression or a burnout

Start a partnership

End relationships that don't work

Resolve conflicts with parents and family

Tackle your own business

Get rid of physical pain

Dissolve fears, panic and stress

End years of eating disorder

Process old emotional ballast

Leave traumatic events behind

Pass any competition or test

Let go of guilt and grief

Finally get pregnant

What methods will be used?

Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT or Tapping

Energy Medicine

Family Constellations

Emotion Code

When is treatment advisable?
When you 

Feel exhausted and spiritless

Have a burnout and feel stressed

Are dissatisfied with your relationships

Suffer from panic attacks and anxiety

Stand in your own way

Keep falling  into the same old patterns

Cannot sleep

Feel stuck and have no idea how to continue

eel inferior

Suffer from depression, cravings or phobias

Develop physical pain as migraines or back pain

Do not know how to reach your life’s dreams

Want to connect more with your body and your feelings

When you are confronted with one or more of the symptoms above, then you should give me a call!

What happens in a session?

At your first visit we will have a conversation to clarify questions about your person, your medical and personal history and your goal for the treatment (anamnesis). Then I will explain the methods and the opportunities for healing using energy therapy.

The session will end with a concluding conversation and clarification of the future course of treatment, if desired.

The first session is completely free and non-binding.

Depending on the anamnesis, your history, preferences and requests, we will start a treatment tailored to you in the next session.

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