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Once you address the emotional impact of chronic pain, your journey to greater joy and health begins

knee pain

She came up the stairs, sat on my sofa and said, "It just doesn't get any better!" 

She was in pain and at her wit's end. The surgery had taken place years ago and despite all the doctors' efforts she was still in pain, could not walk properly and could not bend her leg as she used to do. She was desperate, hopeless and didn't know what else to do to walk properly again. Please read on here

Accidents cause emotional stress

In 2010 I had a car accident while on my way to pick up one of my girls from the airport. I was just turning into a right bend when suddenly my car slithered out of control on the wet highway. It spun and banged against the crash barrier, turned on itself and crashed ...

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She was born despite an Attempt Abortion


Hi Everyone,
This intriguing story by Anja Hertkorn (from Belgium) will be of great interest to those who suffer the effects of being an unwanted child. Note how she "becomes her own client" and gives her imagination free rein.  Hugs, Gary        

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EFT and Cancer

I want to tell you about Christina (name changed). She first came to see me in autumn of 2009. During the three previous years she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’d been through chemo therapy and an operation. It seemed like her body had then managed to control the cancer. Until the summer before she came to see me. Her doctors had diagnosed her with metastases ...

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Dalia (name changed) is an attractive young lady. The first time she came into my consulting room was in April 2008. The reason was a desperately needed solution to her claustrophobia. She was unable to take the metro in the mornings to go to work and she would flee any bus or tram, as soon as it became crowded.

To make things even worse, her boss wanted her to travel by plane to Moscow in ... Please read on here



Oh dear! I just bought five sugar eggs……and ate them all at once.

Can you believe that?

I am a healthy eater normally and to eat one sugar egg would be already an exception. But did I enjoy the sugar eggs? Oh yes, I did! Do I think I could have stopped after having eaten one?
No, not really, to ... 

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Stop feeling stuck, it's decision time!

Why is it hard for some people to take decisions or to make some amendments in their lives for the better? I think that it is not because they are lazy; I think it is linked to their fear of making the wrong choices. “What if I choose the wrong path?” they ask.

And therefore it feels safer not to decide, it feels safer to feel stuck ...

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From Dependence to Independence

Let me tell you about a woman who came to me a year ago. She is 40, divorced with two sons from her first marriage. She was living with her new partner who himself has three children: the kind of patchwork family so many of us know these days, which is quite challenging and not so easy to manage. Turning 40 brought with it a lot of questions. She was not happy. She had left her city to ...

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Is it becoming more difficult for women to get pregnant?


As women come to me again and again with this problem, and an unfulfilled desire to have children brings intense psychological weight, I would like to clarify the issue in this article. This article is the result of my experience and does not claim to be exhaustive.

Difficulties becoming pregnant are more common than it is often assumed ...

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Stop eating disorders and start feeling worthy again


Do you know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat? Do you feel your body’s needs? Sometimes we stuff ourselves with potato chips, sugar or too many wheat products. (I am not an exception here :)  And I would say that when this happens rarely it is kind of human.

But what about people who do this all the time, who cannot stop themselves and do not feel their body’s needs? Clients who come to me with eating disorders report that they feel out of control, unable to ... Please read on here

Are you good enough?


I have known this feeling of not being good enough for my entire life now. It has probably been there for centuries. And I do not know one person who cannot relate to this feeling.

As children we tend to burden ourselves with too much responsibility. When something is wrong, either with us or with our family, our number one conclusion is: We are not good enough ...

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Is guilt a feeling that protects us from other feelings?


We all know the feeling of guilt: this nagging feeling that is so difficult to release and to deal with, especially when we think we did not do enough for a person we cared about. I realized in my work with clients that guilt has a tendency to come back when not properly addressed.

With one of my clients I worked on the guilt he was feeling towards his dad, because he had not spent enough time with him before he passed away. The big aha-moment came when my client realized that it was better to ... Please read on here

Healing of a refugee


A woman calls me in mid-May 2018 to make an appointment for a refugee from Syria. A refugee? Terrible images shoot through my head. A few days later, to my astonishment, a normal young man comes into my office. He is 26.

M.  suffers from panic attacks, depression, PTSD, the fear of going crazy, the fear of death, sadness, loneliness, physical symptoms such as palpitations, pain, cramps, insomnia (because he says he still hears bombs sometimes) and has fear about ... Please read on here

Leg Pain


S, a woman in her 40s, came to me because of problems in her right leg and foot. She couldn’t stand for longer than 20 minutes and couldn’t walk more than 2 km. Sport was impossible because her hips hurt and she felt tremendous pressure in her back. Her insomnia was severe and her shoulders hurt as well.

I asked her what the pain in her foot reminded her of. She told me about ...Please read on here

Really bad Migraines


For over a decade, Marie (not her actual name) has suffered from migraines - "really bad migraines", in her own words. Once a month, it gets so bad that she can’t go to work and must stay in bed – preferably in the dark - for 5 days.

Marie is only in her mid-twenties, and I admire her candor and perseverance to want to leave this issue behind her; the last migraine attack was just a week ago.

I introduce her to the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - along with the goal to send her home at the end of the session with some tapping to do at home. When asked what feelings occurred during this last attack, she says ...

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PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome

I myself have suffered from severe PMS. Two weeks before my period it hit me:

I was cranky, fretful, easily overwhelmed, oversensitive, in a bad mood and couldn't enjoy myself anymore.

Even men can tell how strangely women act when their hormones are out of control. Two weeks like this for a person who is normally in a happy state of being is not acceptable.

Something needed to be done!

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How to improve self-esteem with compassion


How would it have been if the whole city had come to greet you with: “I welcome you my child!” when you were born? Imagine that there had been a wonderful celebration only for you. Everyone would have come with a special gift for you. And as little you were in the first days of your life, you would have felt the appreciation, acceptance, joy and respect for you.

For most of us it probably did not happen exactly the way I have just described. How many of you did not feel appreciated, welcomed and ... Please read on here

The Effects Of A Past Life Dissolved With EFT


Suddenly the memory was there, first incomplete, then clearer: Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs.

She was in command. She stood, her gaze turned away, not far away from me, in a long robe outdoors.

Cold, emotionless, she let it happen without intervening.

She could have saved me, and she should have saved me in my view.

Stunned, horrified by so much cold-bloodedness ...

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Three forgotten causes for relationship problems of professionally successful women and how this can easily be avoided

Maria is 42 years old. She has the feeling that her responsibilities and role in her family doesn’t permit her to take care of herself. She prioritises the others and that can lead to her feeling burdened and overwhelmed.

Her first reaction to this issue is: “It’s the others fault. If my husband didn’t travel so much for work, if my family wasn’t be so dependent on me, or basically if the people in my environment behaved differently - I would be able to ... Please read on here

Stress Relief from Work

A lady in her fifties came to me for the first time suffering from phases of depression, anger and stress; she gets easily overwhelmed at work and did not know how to manage that.

We did not do any emotional work; instead I worked on her meridians in order to get some stress relief. I sedated the energy of the meridians, which are connected to stress, anger and ... Please read on here

Surrogate tapping on a bird

You probably won’t believe me, but this really happened: On my way back home my daughter called: “Mum”, she said, in a whining voice, “you need to come immediately!” “Ok, what’s happened?” I asked, a little anxious.

"The blue bird seems to be sick. It's making strange movements with its head and it's spitting", she said. (We have two budgies) Oh my god, I thought, that means a trip to the vet, and ... Please read on here

Throat Inflammation

One of my clients was on sick leave due to a throat inflammation with apsithyria accompanied by fever and pain. She came in for energy medicine treatment as soon as she no longer had to stay in bed. She was still very weak and tired and reported that her liver and stomach were upset as well.

After I had balanced the liver meridian and redistributed energy to the spleen meridian (the spleen, among others, is in charge of the immune system), I took care of ... Please read on here

Peur des examens

Vous aussi, vous avez peur des examens? Une de mes clientes (30 ans) très sympa est venue me voir pour un stress particulier: Elle n’était pas encore assise dans le fauteuil de mon cabinet qu'elle me disait: "Je viens de recevoir la date pour le concours! Je suis complètement stressée!"

Je découvris ainsi que tous les examens lui posaient difficulté. Elle commence à paniquer, se sent bloquée, en plus le concours oral sera en français, quelle horreur, elle ne parle jamais ...

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Losing weight can be a lifelong struggle with
frustration, yo-yo diets and results that never last

losing weight

So let me give you another perspective on this issue.

Could it be that your weight is like a very good old friend making sure that you feel secure and protected? Why would you like to lose this good old friend then, when you would lose security and protection at the same time?

Therefore diets cannot work and don’t work with lasting results. Your need to feel safe and protected is a crucial cause of not being able to let go of the weight. You can see here that your ...

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