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Energy Therapist, EFT Expert, Psychotherapist

Energy Work

In the late nineties after many years learning with Life Energy Process founder Prof. Dr. Stéphano Sabetti, I became very interested in yoga.

As I was searching for a yoga school in an esoteric bookstore I came across a weekend seminar in Brussels called: “Quand le massage devient une danse”. This sounded interesting, Massage and Dance …

The wonderful healing force of touch

I liked the seminar so much that I decided to do the triennial training as a body therapist in Massage Sensitif with Claude Camilli, who conveyed a good basis in Body Psychotherapy through the wonderful healing force of touch.

Only a few months after that - this time I was in a bookstore in Munich - I found an interesting book by Gerda Boyesen “Über den Körper die Seele heilen”. This book made a huge impression upon me and I decided to continue two more years of training with Gerda Boyesen and Siegfried Bach as Deepdrainer of Biodynamic Body Psychology and Psychotherapy. Gerda has been an amazing woman and a great teacher; I am really grateful to have met her on my path.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

A little while after that the man at my side, Peter, told me in Crete in the sun on the beach about the Emotional-Freedom-Techniques, that I started to study sceptical first, but later on with close attention. Once I had healed my own story, the scepticism was gone and had given way to a deep conviction.

With Maya de Vries, the only EFT Master in Germany, I had the possibility to do all three EFT levels including EFT and trauma and EFT and Reframing,

followed by Provocative Energy Therapy and tapping with Steve Wells and David Lake.

In the same year I attended a tapping seminar on Success and Abundance with Carol Look, one of the world's leading EFT Masters from New York, and Steve Wells from Australia.

EFT is easy to learn but it takes quite some time to develop this technique in an art form and is one of the most effective techniques I know.

It was not a big step from EFT to Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Even after some years of experience with Energy Medicine I am still fascinated by the simplicity and effectiveness of this method. The chakra clearing is really exciting here. Feeling and seeing what stories or themes have not yet been digested opens the door to a process that leads to increasing consciousness.

When I came into contact with Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon, I knew instantly that it was something for me and completed Level I and II. It is sensational to be able to heal bones, different parts of the brain, inflammations and pain with heart energy.

Emotion Code

Since February 2019 I am now also an Emotion Code Practitioner.

The Emotion Code is a very powerful and simple tool to free you from trapped and unconscious emotions.

With the Emotion Code we can easily release emotions, even if we have inherited them from many generations before us.

Physical problems, self-sabotage or relationship difficulties often disappear, especially if we release emotions that have previously kept our hearts closed.

Learning never stops; it goes on and on and did of course not start with my first training. Yoga, meditation, Karate, Dance, nutrition, personality development, alternative healing methods and spiritual teaching ( Healing with the Masters, You Wealth Revolution ) have always belonged to my fields of interest.

I am happy to be the mother of three wonderful daughters.

Today there is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than the grateful smile of people at the end of a private session or a seminar.

As an energy therapist, EFT expert and psychotherapist, I have been accompanying people on their path to more light and autonomy for many years now. In addition to private sessions, I offer Empowering-Women-Workshops, seminars, conferences, EFT-evenings and Meditation-evenings.


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