Biodynamik deutsch

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005) is the founder of "Biodynamic Body Psychology and Psychotherapy".

Biodynamic means “Motion of Life“. This refers to the natural, spontaneous life flow energy that moves us, inspires us and keeps us alive.

The vital goal of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy, Biodynamic Massage and Deepdraining is to restore the natural circulation of this life energy, also called circulation of the libido.

Any intense emotional incident, when it is not entirely digested, leaves behind residues in the body.

These residues, also called energetic fluids, are deposited on our bones, membranes, skin and muscles.

Because psychic and emotional stress is digested in the intestines like food, I use a stethoscope to seek out any possible noises, which if they were present would indicate the presence of excessive bodily fluids. If the digestive process can be brought back to normality, blockages can be released and the joy of life can flow once again through the body unhindered.

This stimulates the process of self-regulation and self-healing in body and mind.

Feelings of wellbeing, tranquillity, contentment and positive life tone arise.

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