Using EFT With Cancer

I want to tell you about Christina (name changed). She first came to see me in autumn of 2009. During the three previous years she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’d been through chemo therapy and an operation. It seemed like her body had then managed to control the cancer. Until the summer before she came to see me. Her doctors had diagnosed her with metastases in the bones of her hips and back. So she was ill again.

It was only until after that diagnosis that she started to consider the emotional side of her illness by coming to see me. From November 2009 to April 2010 I saw her eight times.

One of my first questions in our first session was what she thought might have caused the cancer. The answer came immediately. And then we tapped, tapping away anger, frustration, fears, helplessness and all the negative emotions of past events in her career and her personal life.

From the very first session I included a lot of positive tapping in our sessions that she soaked up like a sponge, willing to continue this procedure at home as well. At the beginning she didn’t tap at home as often as I thought would be necessary. But step by step

  she discovered how good she felt after tapping

and in consequence started to include this exercise into her daily life whenever something would come up that bothered her.

Every time she came to see me she looked better and better and reported that she felt an improvement. During our last session she admitted to feeling afraid of the results of the scan they had done a week before. So we tapped….

Some days later I received a very nice card from her telling me that

  the metastases had become much smaller,

thanking me for the good work we had done so far and that she felt relaxed to go on holiday, looking forward to our next session in June.

I think what really caused the shift was the change in her energy vibration. She was able to let go of her past pain and tapped the positive vibration into her energy system. She allowed herself to feel good and proceeded into actively doing things that made her feel better.

We can achieve miracles but we need to be willing to let them happen!


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