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Stop feeling stuck! It's decision time!

Why is it hard for some people to take decisions or to make some amendments in their lives for the better?

I think that it is not because they are lazy; I think it is linked to their fear of making the wrong choices.

"What if I choose the wrong path?"

they ask.

And therefore it feels safer not to decide, it feels safer to feel stuck than to move or to risk a mistake.

But how do you feel when you are stuck? Right, powerless!

The fear of making mistakes is very often related to past experiences

where we took a decision and experienced a “negative” outcome. This makes us believe that it was a mistake to take the decision.

Are there really mistakes in life? What would happen if you did not judge the experience as bad or negative? What if this experience was just an interesting opportunity to learn an important lesson for your life?

So it is your judgement that makes you believe that it is dangerous to take any further decisions.

Life is movement, life is change and any movement is better than being stuck.

  • What does it cost you to feel stuck?
  • What would change in your life, if it was no longer dangerous to take decisions and to feel confident about it?

If you are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life, then I invite you to go only a tiny little step forward today:

Choose to take a decision!

When you are choosing again, your power comes back. Choice and willpower are governed by the fifth chakra, where we manifest things.

If you need help in order to manifest great things into your life, then give me a call to fix an appointment. I would be very pleased to help you.


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