"Lebe Deine weibliche Kraft" - deutsch

"Step Into Your Feminine Power"
8 March 2020

When I was a kid, I didn't want to be a girl. I found boys much more exciting. For me, women were weak and dependent. And that's not how I wanted to be. And so I competed with men for a long time, wanted to become just as strong and independent as they were and achieve the same as they did.

A few years ago, when I read about feminine power, my mind thought, "What is this?"

What does feminine power mean?

Does it really mean, to

  • Achieve what men can achieve and compete with them?
  • Always be strong and to become independent of men?
  • Be alone?

It was clear to me that the life I led was exhausting. The feeling of loneliness and perseverance were my constant companions. I lacked security and had to be on my guard all the time.

The older I get, the more I come into my feminine power and the more I understand what it means.

I have learned that femininity has nothing to do with dependence, weakness, powerlessness and depression.

I have learned that I can only be strong and powerful if I accept my vulnerability.

The more I enter my feminine power, the more I create my life from my heart and soul. The more my actions are inspired by my heart, the more good things, circumstances and situations come to bear. My life becomes easier, the connection to myself is the hand that guides me and gives me security.

The identities that we have created out of fears, early childhood beliefs, inherited feelings, are currently struggling to survive. If we want to change this world, we must find our feminine power.

For our children, for the future or other children, for our team, our family and friends, it is important that we live and mediate in our highest truth.

And that is why I want to create a day with you where we connect with our heart and soul to hear our inner voice that can lead us to our highest potential when we listen to it.
I want to create a day with you where we let go of our deepest fears so that we can manifest the things that really matter to us.

Also, entering into your feminine power allows the men around you to enter into their masculine power.

The world needs the divine dance between feminine and masculine energy.

Isn't it time to end the isolating and exhausting attempt to manifest your visions alone?

Isn't it time to let your old stories go to reveal your creativity?

Isn't it time to find out what you came here for?

  • The world needs your talent and the contribution that only you can make!
  • The world needs successful and courageous women!
  • The world needs your feminine power so that you can shape your future and that of others who come after you in a positive way!

When a group of women comes together and spends a day supporting, understanding and strengthening each other, miracles can happen. Together we can fly higher and further than you could ever fly alone. To laugh together in a group of like-minded, honest and courageous women and to experience that you can have support and don't have to do everything alone is liberating.

What happens at the seminar:

We will connect with our soul and heart to dissolve the nagging feeling of isolation and loneliness.

We will meditate, chant, laugh and let go of outdated stories and views about ourselves to make our lives easier.

We will play and do entertaining exercises in order to manifest the things that are in harmony with our soul so that you can live your life purpose.

We will experience how we can realize our inner beauty on the outside (with the help of a fashion expert).

We will support each other in a way that will allow you to see many more opportunities for your life than you have ever imagined.

And you can make new friends.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who rests in her feminine power.

Our feminine power and energy demands to be lived now.

Our world is thirsty for more intuition, integrity, respect for everything, transparency, human love, compassion, justice, intimacy, modesty, kindness, vulnerability, connection to nature and all life, love for ourselves and everything else, friendship, being, community, freedom, forgiveness and spirituality. 

We must start with ourselves if we want to see a better world outside.

Here is a feedback from a participant of a seminar that included similar topics:

"Working with Anja has definitely contributed to the happiness I feel today and every day. I have become successful in my personal as well as my professional life. 
I am particularly grateful for a pivotal moment I had in one of her workshops. It shifted my life and clarified everything for me. From then on I started standing up for myself with much more ease and felt my feelings were as valid as anyone else’s. It has been her specific talent to accurately detect the source of of negative and uncomfortable feelings and guide me through releasing them. I often felt the solution was elsewhere but her intuition is sharp and spot on!!!! She has seldom been off and within the hour of a private session her choices nearly always got me to the fastest path of healing. The techniques she uses are simple but precise, they contain great wisdom and she masters applying them with the greatest efficiency. I recognise she is a rare healer who genuinely wants her clients to be free of pain and suffering and makes sure she gets results accordingly. She is both professional and warm. A combination which makes me feel human, worthy and seen in her presence."

This seminar is based on all the knowledge I have acquired over the years in education, research, learning and personal experience and includes meditation, visualization, EFT, energy medicine and much more.

  • It will change you and give you the keys to your true self so that you can fully express your feminine power that is so urgently needed right now.
  • You will feel refreshed, cheerful and energized and discover the Goddess within you.
  • Once you have experienced how good it is to reconnect with yourself again and again, you will be able to use what you have learned in this seminar for the rest of your life whenever you need it.


What price have you paid so far to put others above yourself?

How does this feeling affect your life and relationships?

Are you ready for a different experience?

I would be very happy and honored to be able to create a day together with you that enriches us all, brings us into our feminine power and makes the world a better place.


More Informationen about the Seminar
"Step Into Your Feminine Power"

Date:             8 March 2020

Time:             10.00 - 17.00

Venue:          Tree of Life Studio, Nieuwstraat 7, 3080 Tervuren

Cost:              97 €  (Early bird discount for registration before 16/02/2020 , afterwards 127 €)

Language:   English

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