Earthing And Grounding:
A Free And Very Effective Way
To Detoxify Your Body

I am sitting in my garden, barefoot, feet in the grass while writing this health tip about earthing and grounding. Why am I not sitting in front of my computer? First of all I can think better, my head feels light and clear, and second because I want to pick up the Earth’s electromagnetic energy to detoxify myself.

Bringing the earth's electrons to our bodies makes our blood thinner and inflammation and pain are quickly removed from our bodies.

Thick or viscous blood is the most common cause of cancer, stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

Watch Dr Sinatra's video, where you will learn why grounding is so effective in:

  • bringing free radicals out of your body, like heavy metals or air pollution
  • detoxifying your bloodstream
  • calming your nervous system
  • and much more

Grounding yourself to the Earth improves your health, so you really want to do this. And what better time to start grounding yourself than in summer?!

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