Earthing and Grounding II:
4 Things You Can Do After Long
Hours Of Travelling

I always feel a little strange after long hours of driving or having been on a plane. It takes a while for my body and soul to adjust to the new surroundings. And now I know why: when you are on a plane, in a car on or a train, static electricity builds up.

In last week’s health tip, you learned how beneficial earthing and grounding is in bringing free radicals out of your body. And as holidays are close - at least for myself and I hope for you too - I thought I’d let you know what you can do after long hours of travelling:

  1. Take off your shoes and ground yourself by sitting or walking on the grass
  2. Take a shower or a bath
  3. When you can, swim in the ocean; this is by far the best way to restore your energies because of the cleansing effect of the salty water
  4. Do the three thumbs every couple of hours while breathing deeply; for reference watch the first 40 seconds of Donna Eden’s video.

Vacation time is too precious to feel dizzy and out of your body, don’t you think so?

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