How to improve self esteem
with compassion


How would it have been if the whole city had come to greet you when you were born with:

"I welcome you my child!"

Imagine that there had been a wonderful celebration only for you. Everyone would have come with a special gift for you. And as little you were in the first days of your life, you would have felt the appreciation, acceptance, joy and respect for you.

For most of us it probably did not happen exactly the way I have just described.

  • How many of us did not feel appreciated, welcomed and loved when you were born or even before?
  • And how has this fact influenced your life and is still influencing your life right now?

Lack of self-esteem, the feeling of not being welcome wherever you go, the feeling of not having your place in the world, or the feeling that something is wrong with you or that you do not belong to your family or surroundings, or that you are not important, reflects this lack of gratitude and appreciation at our very first beginning.

Can we change what happened?

No we cannot, but …… we can change our perception! We can stop resisting and blaming and struggling with our past.

How about YOU welcoming you into your life?

Imagine that you, your light, your unique vibration, your god within, your broader being were there to greet you when you were born:

“I welcome you my child!” holding you in his arms in awe, with joy, respect, appreciation and high esteem.

And when life unfolded and you grew up and had your first disappointments, struggles and difficulties, this being would always be there with the same appreciation, respect and high esteem telling you: “I am with you my child!”

How wonderful would it have felt knowing that there is always somebody to turn to, who would hold you with compassion when you were crying or expressing, whatever felt wrong at that moment.

I have just done exactly this. I started imagining the days after my birth in the brightest colours. So many people came that they had to line up. And everyone brought a gift and said:

“I welcome you my child.”

And there was a wonderful celebration that lasted for days and days afterwards.

And then I looked at my life with all my ‘failures’, struggles and ‘wrong’ choices bringing all the difficult situations into my consciousness. I went through every dark moment of my life turning to this broader ME, this goddess in myself, offering my deepest pain and hurt and asking for forgiveness from the ones I hurt.

And in every memory that came to mind I felt this wonderful being next to me saying: “I am with you my child!” with this respectful, appreciative, understanding, sympathetic voice.

This brought tears to my eyes, not because of the pain and struggles, but because it was SO GOOD to finally have somebody at my side who knew what I was going through, who understood, who simply understood.

The result of this process was just wonderful, a feeling of peace in myself, a deep inner knowingness, that all is well, that I am ok as I am, that everything was, is and will be ok. I finally felt compassion for myself. Looking at my life without resistance, without regrets, without misery or negative feelings took me to a completely new level of acceptance.

What a relief!

I encourage you to do the same. You are worth being loved.


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