From Dependence and Indecisiveness
to Independence, Freedom and Self-Empowerment

Let me tell you about a woman who came to me a year ago. She is 40, divorced with two sons from her first marriage. She was living with her new partner who himself has three children: the kind of patchwork family so many of us know these days, which is quite challenging and not so easy to manage.

Turning 40 brought with it a lot of questions. She was not happy. She had left her city to live in Brussels with her new love and it was not working out very well. She had conflicts with her mate and problems with the children.

She felt insecure, overwhelmed and anxious.

Her knees and ankles were causing constant problems and pain.

Her ex-husband still played an important role in her life; she was relying on him and needed his approval. Financially she was dependant on her new mate. She was working in his business, without getting an official salary.

She came from a background where women are victims and dependant and men have the money and the power. Sounds familiar to you, ladies? :)

Her relationship with her mother was conflict-ridden, because she wanted never to be like her mother and saw that she was living the same pattern as her mother: Dependant, not able to say “no” nor to end the relationship with her ex-husband.

Making decisions was impossible.

She believed men know better than she did what was right or wrong.

She was so overloaded with emotions that I could not work with her as I usually would do with the normal EFT procedure. Most of the time I let her talk and tap at the same time. Occasionally she got a chakra clearing and meridian session to calm and subside the physical problems.

As we worked it became obvious that feelings of guilt regarding her mother were hindering her growth. She noticed how limited she felt, how aggressively her new mate sometimes reacted and that she was living in a golden cage.

Slowly but steadily we worked through different layers in her background.

Her healing started immediately,

because she was more than ready to release the blocked energy in her energy system. Old programs, belief systems and negative emotions started to vanish.

She began to set limits for her ex-husband and could finally end this relationship also emotionally. She reduced the working hours in her partner’s business and started to develop her own business. She stopped hiding behind the two men and realized that her skills were of interest to other people and business owners.

The relationship with her mother improved, her knee and ankle problems disappeared.

When she got a marvellous job offer with a great income in the city she was living before, she decided to move back with her children to accept a new position as director: a position, she would never have dared to dream of before. This brought financial stability and balance into the relationship with her partner.

In our last session she said:

"To gain control over my life and the life of my children, gives me my strength back."

What a beautiful example of courage and development!

Now she is doing it her way!


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