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Are you physically
and/or mentally exhausted?
Energy Therapy is the solution
for women
who can't wait to live with energy and enthusiasm what they are here for.

Feeling bad, or stuck in a situation in which you don't feel comfortable does not have to last and can often be repaired faster than you think.

We women often have difficulties keeping our strength when we are exposed to external disturbances. If we don't feel understood and loved, we easily lapse into self-doubt, isolation, destructive behaviour or depression or suffer from health problems or difficult relationships.

I will help you with a lot of kindness and understanding to

1. Say YES to life again by dissolving past wounds

2. Strengthen your self-confidence by clarifying relationships that have damaged your self-esteem

3. Come into your energy, strength and joy by assisting you to forgive yourself

4. Feel good in your own body by dissolving inherited material

5. And to achieve what you desire by implementing a practical reprogramming

The secret of physical, emotional and mental health is a free, unobstructed energy flow in your body and the field that is around you.

"I want to thank you for your patience, for the safe space you offered me, for so many things, more than I can list here. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be alive today if I had not met you. You truly have a gift and I have learned so much from you. Thank you."  C. C.

I will help you clarify your energy field so you can keep in touch with yourself when it’s raining outside. If you are free of energy blocks and connected to yourself, it leads to more self-acceptance and appreciation, which in turn will mean that others will respect and appreciate you too.

Furthermore, we are in the New Energy age, which is related to constant change, new consciousness and a new way of perceiving things.

Energy is moving faster than before. We are ready to make leaps of consciousness in a short period of time, where before we would have needed much longer, which is why old wounds rush to the surface with unimagined intensity, wanting to be healed.

The optimal combination of directive Energy Therapies in this changing time allows a new progression, different from in the past, and prospers in a way you could only have dreamt of before, and facilitates exceptionally good and fast results.

What do you need right now?


I offer a free introductory session, in which you can get to know me personally; this is also possible via Skype or telephone, if necessary.


This free tapping video for more energy and happiness gives you the opportunity to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).


You can do a lot for yourself by following a few basic things and adding a few new habits to your day.  Here are some ideas:

How about finding
new hope and perspective to pursue a new goal with passion and energy
in your life?

If you wish to bring more connection, freedom, joy and happiness into your life and therefore feel you may need trusting support then give me a call (+32-478-310 684) or send me a message (here) to arrange an appointment. I would be very pleased to accompany you on your path.

Gerda Boyesen once said: “It is love that heals.” She was so right!

"Just wanted to use the opportunity to say once again THANK YOU! I am following your mails and website and thinking of you always with a big smile on my face and warm feelings in my heart.
Your sessions really helped me forward through some tough times and unlocked many wonderful energies. I am very happy, feeling healthy and inspired." H. H. 

So what is energy therapy?

What can energy therapy achieve?

What methods will be used?

When is treatment advisable?

What happens in a session?

To find answers to this questions please click on Energy Therapy.

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