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Regeneration That Pays Off!
Connect With Your Inner Strength And Energy
In Crete - The Island Of The Gods
Saturday 8th - Sunday 16th August 2015
with Anja Hertkorn and Peter Christl

During our fast-paced routines and turbulent times it can be hard to keep our emotional balance, inner peace and energy - despite our best efforts.

What if you could learn easy-to-use techniques during your holiday which will

  • help you to face the challenges in your work routine and private life
  • improve your sleep patterns and help you rid yourself of anxieties and stress
  • improve your blood pressure and digestion
  • boost your energy and productivity levels
  • improve your concentration and memory capacity
  • give you back control over your behaviour and feelings, rather than feeling controlled by them
  • improve your personal relationships
  • open new ways to creative and successful thought patterns?

Get acquainted with

  • Healing Chakra Meditation and
  • TAMTAO Drumming

to help you get back your energy, inner peace and find your divine self, while enjoying:

  • sunshine,
  • clear waters,
  • breathtaking beaches
  • and all the healthy, delicious specialties the Greek cuisine has to offer!


We, Anja and Peter,

would like to invite you to the MetaCom seminar centre, in the south-west of Crete, to help you find your rhythm and peace while being on holiday.

  • Anja will introduce you to a cleansing Chakra meditation technique, highly acclaimed for its healing and transformative powers on body and soul 
  • while Peter will teach you the power of inner strength and peace during your TAMTAO Djembe drum sessions together.

Let us tell you about how we came across MetaCom!

Last August we went on holiday for two weeks in Crete. The beautiful landscape of the island and the Greeks’ hospitality always evoked a great feeling. After travelling 5 days in the north and west of the island, we arrived in a small coastal town called Paleochora (also known as “Pale” between locals, which doesn’t do its landscape justice). 

It was the 15th of August and the Greeks were celebrating a Christian national holiday, which unfortunately for us meant that there were no vacancies all around.

This had never happened to us before. For years we’d always travelled around Crete finding rooms spontaneously while being on the road.

Then we remembered that Mario Sommer, whom we had met 6 years earlier, had founded a seminar center in the mountains between Paleochora and Anidri called MetaCom.

We hadn’t seen him for a long time so it was to our great relief and surprise when he picked up the phone, confirmed a vacancy and offered to pick us up from ‘Pale’.

At six o’ clock the locals came out to the main square to prepare for the evening festivities. No more cars passed through.

We met up with Mario in a nearby cafe. With his tanned complexion and tied up, long hair he could have easily passed for a Greek himself.

He told us about the evolution of MetaCom during the past years over a cup of coffee and then finally hopped on his motorbike to lead the way out of the centre. After 10 minutes the scenery changed to a rich landscape full of olive trees and a beautiful view of the setting sun on the ocean. The road led uphill and after passing through a great valley, we arrived at MetaCom, which has been praised for its ecological construction, 10 minutes later.

We received our keys and were extremely grateful to have found a place for the night. Now all we still wanted to do was eat! Mario gave us the following tip:

A restaurant in Anidri, about 2km further away but easily reachable by car. In the full restaurant we were immediately greeted and shown to a table for two in the back by the chef and the food was delicious.

“Unbelievable! You are lucky people! On national holidays like these you usually have to wait for at least an hour before getting a table!” Mario exclaimed the following morning.

Before heading back to Pale we cooled off from the heat in Mario’s most recent construction, which he finished in 2013 with the help of a few friends: a small clay dome built entirely out of ecological materials. It was comfortably cool and quiet.

As we sat there Peter had an idea: “We should start a seminar here at MetaCom and share this wonderful place, with its sun, beaches and ocean, with other people”.

I agreed and added: “ And help them find their inner source of energy and tranquility”.

We decided to turn this idea into reality and therefore kindly invite you to our

Regeneration Week That Pays Off!
Connect With Your Inner Strength And Energy
In Crete - The Island Of The Gods
Saturday 8th - Sunday 16th August 2015

For your holiday to have the long lasting relaxing effect you’ve always longed for, we’re offering you simple techniques, tips and exercises to help prepare you for your working routine.

To help you find yourself and get inspired with new ideas, we’re offering you a holiday far away from your usual environment during which you will:

  • get re-energized
  • drum away your stress
  • get creative and joyful
  • balance your emotions
  • strengthen your concentration
  • improve your health
  • let your energy flow
  • spend some beautiful moments with soul mates
  • relax your body, mind and soul
  • discover the breathtaking beaches of Crete, go on hiking tours and enjoy each others' company.

Healing Chakra Meditation

with Anja

With this meditation technique we’ll be focusing on setting your chakra energies in motion. Chakras have an empowering influence on our organs and fuel our bodies with new energy. They also affect our hormones, emotional and mental state, and spirit. A well-balanced energy household is the basis for our physical, emotional and mental health. You will learn, with help of the Chakra meditation techniques, how to heal your symptoms and get to a state of pure relaxation while simultaneously getting an energy boost.

TAMTAO Drumming

Drum songs and meditative drumming here and now
with Peter

TAMTAO - drum songs are easy to complex rhythms (but always playable for beginners) which are accompanied by a spoken text. Through our mutual concentration on the rhythm, text and drumming we'll leave our thoughts behind and arrive in the present. This process will enable us to open the gates to the "magical power" of our individual creativity. This power is so intense and inspiring that words can hardly describe the soothing sensation that comes with it. You can only experience it.

We'll also be drumming meditatively "between the inner and outer worlds". The state of awareness is created through concentration on drumming and consideration for what is happening in the moment within yourself and the group: a special experience which will increase self-awareness and lead to inner peace and relaxation.

A background in meditation and/or drumming skills isn’t necessary.

The workshop is for adults and not suitable for children.

We need at least 4 participants for the workshop to take place.


1st day: 8th August  

2nd - 8th day:

5th day:

9th day: 16th August

individual arrival, welcome reception and dinner

10.00-12.00: healing Chakra meditation

12.00-18.00: lunch break, beach or excursion

18.00-20.00: TAMTAO drumming

from 20.30: communal dinner

free or available for communal trip

individual departure

The seminar times can be adapted to your needs.


Seminar: 497,- €

Accommodation: 200 € for 8 nights (breakfast not included)

Extras: 13€ per person/per day half board (breakfast and lunch), 5€ per person/per day breakfast included, 8€ per person/per day lunch included or self catering, kitchen available.


The flight is to be booked individually and is not included in the seminar fee. You will receive specific details from MetaCom after registration.

To bring

Please add these items to your luggage:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Beach gear and towel
  • Sun protection
  • Stationery and writing tools
  • Comfortable clothing

Seminar Language

Depending on the preferred language of the attending party, the course can be held either in German or English with translations.


Meditation is not a substitute for therapy. You agree to assume and accept full responsibility for yourself during the meditation week.

Where, when not in Crete - the island of the gods - could you find your divine self? Everything lies within us and is waiting to be awakened and discovered: Our strength, our compassion, our love and our peace.

Please register here. After registration you will receive a confirmation email with further information.

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