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Meditation Retreat
On The Sunny Island Of Crete
Redesign Your Life With
Joy And Creativity
4 July - 11 July 2020
with Anja Hertkorn and Peter Christl

Can you imagine being free? Free from the feeling of being a victim of your circumstances, free from old patterns and programs that were planted in your subconscious as a child?

Imagine you could create something new, something you have always wanted, but which you have not been able to achieve due to the old programs?

We, Anja and Peter, offer you a tailor-made holiday package that allows you to dissolve your sabotaging behaviours and your hindering beliefs, in order to be able to rebuild your life with joy and creativity, renewed and free of the old patterns.

Normally we go on a well-deserved holiday and recover (sometimes not). It is not so easy to get to rest; sometimes we need two to three days until we can really enjoy our holiday.

We come back and after two weeks at the latest we are back where we left off before the holiday: with the same problems, the same fears, the same worries, the same behaviour, without anything having changed. Everything starts all over again.

The Meditation Retreat in Crete is for you, if you

  • Want to get out of old thought patterns in order to be able to create something new
  • Are always confronted with the same topics and you've had enough of it
  • Want to leave sabotaging behaviour behind
  • Do not want to fall back into the old routine and blocking patterns after the holidays
  • Want to redesign your life and everyday life with inspiration and joy
  • Like to meet nice like-minded people

  • Are ready to embark on an inner adventure and a leap of growth to trust in yourself and follow your inner guidance
  • Want to take new ideas and strategies with you in order to be able to implement necessary changes at home
  • Want to be lovingly accompanied for a week because you know that it is impossible to break out of old sabotaging behaviours alone
  • Want to learn in a group how to meet the challenges of life with a laugh

Dr Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and many more report again and again how strongly our thoughts influence our feelings and our body. Depending on what we think and how we feel, we draw


  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Helpful friends
  • Fulfilling partnerships


  •     Unhappiness,
  •     Disease
  •     Financial Problems
  •     Loneliness
  •     Challenging people

into our lives. Thoughts create feelings. When we feel bad, we have negative thoughts.

If we manage to change our thoughts, life energy and creativity can come back.

Watch Bruce Lipton's video, in which he explains what can be done to reprogram the subconscious responsible for learned beliefs, entrenched behaviors, sabotage, and the feeling of being a victim:

The value of this retreat lies in dissolving your old programs with meditation and energy therapy methods and synchronising the two hemispheres of your brain with the help of the drums. This enables you to draw everything into your life that is important to you.

       What is important for you? Would you like to

  •     Find fulfilment in your relationships?
  •     Earn more money?
  •     Change your career?
  •     Cultivate loving friendships?
  •     Improve your health?
  •     Or is there another problem you want to solve?

How can we manage to feed our subconscious with new programs so that it stops sabotaging our consciousness?

That's what we're planning this week:


will give you the opportunity to experience the healing effect of chakra meditation and other forms of meditation in the morning. Meditation is the first step to allow our thoughts to become calm, so that we can open ourselves to new possibilities.

After breakfast, new supporting thoughts will be developed with the help of EFT and the Emotion Code . The Emotion Freedom Techniques and the Emotion Code are both excellent techniques for letting go of old sabotaging thoughts and reprogramming the subconscious so that life can be shaped according to your own wishes.

The freedom and lightness that comes with dissolving the old patterns is a feeling that no one who has worked with Anja would want to miss anymore.


Through meditative drumming on African djembes we deepen and support the processes started in the morning.

With the help of meditative drumming we anchor the new beliefs in the subconscious and thus transform the old behaviours and beliefs.

In addition we dive into the universal primordial rhythm through long meditative drumming and are in harmony and flow with the other drummers. We feel attuned, alive, grounded and relaxed. This in turn opens the doors for this "magical power" - our individual creativity. It inspires and flows through us so intensely that words can hardly express this enthusiastic feeling of well-being. You can only experience it yourself.

How about a holiday that gives you the ability to change the things that hinder you the most so that you can live what's really important to you?

A vacation 

  • That changes you in order to be able to live what you are here for
  • That uncovers paths to creative thinking and inspires you at every level of your being 
  • That frees you from the weight of the past and allows you to dissolve what has blocked you emotionally or mentally so far
  • Whose effect does not diminish when you are back in everyday life, because the old will no longer burden you

  • In which you learn new behaviours that you can use for your future life
  • In which you are accompanied daily and still have a lot of free time at your disposal
  • With others who are on the same path as you in search of inner peace, joy of life, energy and happiness
  • With delicious food, blue sea and a lot of sunshine

Drastic changes are only possible if we stick to the topic

In the group sessions you will get to know methods which you can fall back on at any time after this week and which will make your life much easier:

Meditation, EFT, Emotion Code and Drumming

Far away from everyday life, this extensive meditation retreat offers you a cutting-edge opportunity to bring about the changes that are important to you in your life now.

The individual care that is tailored to you and the deepening of the processes that have been set in motion as a result will be continued in the group in the evening, so that after this week you can be relaxed, cheerful and free of old ballast shaping your relationships and thus your life anew.

Course Instructors: Anja und Peter

Peter Christl

A deep emotional and physical crisis in 1988 marked the beginning of his transformation: a liberating journey to more consciousness and energy began.
At a body therapy workshop in Italy in 1996, he made the acquaintance of the djembe drum through a friend. Since then, under the name TAMTAO, he has developed various forms of drum playing such as meditative drumming - walking between the worlds for adults and the TAMTAO drum week for primary school children.

You can find out more about his work here.

Anja Hertkorn

is an Energy Therapist, EFT Expert, Emotion Code Practitioner and has her practice in Brussels, where she has successfully supported many people in achieving their goals for decades.
Anja offers seminars and workshops on topics such as:

Chakra Meditation, EFT,  The Law of Attraction,  Relationship Issues, My Body - My Friend and  Feminine Power.

You can find out more about her work and her career here.

Location and Accommodation

The meditation retreat will take place in the beautiful seminar centre "Metacom" on Crete near Paleochora. The Metacom offers: Beautiful rooms, a wonderful seminar room, a small meditation temple, peace and quiet and nice hosts. The spacious facility invites you to relax and unwind.

Accommodation in single and double rooms.


4 July 2020                                Individual arrival, welcome reception and dinner

5 July - 10 July 2020            07.30 - 08.30: Meditation

                                                          08.45 - 09.45: Breakfast

                                                          10.00 - 11.30: Reprogramming with Anja

                                                          12.00 - 17.30: Time for beach or excursion

                                                          17.30 - 19.30: Deepening and meditative drumming with Peter

                                                          20.00: Communal dinner

8 July 2020                                Day at leisure, hiking, excursion

11 July 2020                             After breakfast individual departure

The seminar times can be adapted to your needs.

"A community is like a well to drink from. In it we can strengthen our spirit and replenish the strength we need to master the ups and downs of our lives".- Gabrielle Roth, 5 Rhythms -


Seminar fee: 697 €  ( Early bird discount for registration before 28 February 2020 , afterwards 797 €)

Accommodation: 200 - 250 € for 7 nights in double room

Car sharing: 50 €

Catering: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included in the seminar price.


The flights are to be booked individually and are not included in the seminar fee. You will receive exact details of how to get to the seminar centre after registration.

To bring

Please add these items to your luggage:

  • Good footwear
  • Beach gear and towel
  • Sun protection
  • Stationery and writing tools
  • Comfortable clothing

Seminar Language

Depending on the participants, the sessions are offered in German or English and the group sessions in English.


You agree to assume full responsibility for all risks associated with attending this retreat and using energy therapy techniques as a result of attending this retreat. The techniques used in this retreat cannot be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease or mental disorders. This retreat is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

No prior knowledge of the techniques is required.

The retreat is for adults.

Are you ready for a quantum leap 
that will help you to redesign your life with joy and creativity?

What effect would it have on your life, your fellow human beings and your profession if you no longer had to carry the baggage that burdens you?

We would be very happy to help you with your transformation so that you can open a new chapter in your life.

Please register here. After registration you will receive a confirmation email with further information.

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