PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome

I myself have suffered from severe PMS. Two weeks before my period it hit me:

I was cranky, fretful, easily overwhelmed, oversensitive, in a bad mood and couldn't enjoy myself anymore.

Even men can tell how strangely women act when their hormones are out of control.

Two weeks like this for a person who is normally in a happy state of being is not acceptable.

Something needed to be done!

A couple of days every morning

I sedated the energy of the triple-warmer, the liver, the kidneys and the stomach meridians.

And you know what?

I was fine, no bad mood, no bad feelings; I was acting like a normal person again! What a relief! No drugs, no medicine, just holding points on the body for a little while!

Energy Medicine calms down the wind and the waves when your boat gets out of control. And it can help your body function at its best. When your energies are in harmony, your hormones follow.

Don't suffer! Give me a call, if your boat get's out of control.


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