5 Steps for
Love, Fulfilment and Desire
Seminar on 5 November 2017

 Do you want to improve your relationship skills for a happy partnership?

The following aspects are, in my opinion, the signs of a happy and fulfilling partnership:

  • Friendship that becomes more and more profound with time
  • The right sense of humour
  • Respect for the other's way of thinking
  • Common interests
  • The feeling of home and security
  • Trust and safety
  • Natural chemistry
  • Acceptance of human errors
  • Communication
  • Keeping a good temper
  • The will to lead the relationship properly 
  • Equal rights
  • Fair arguments and the ability to argue well

If you have achieved all these with your partner, I congratulate you heartily. You do not need to read any further :)

A study conducted over many years has shown that well-functioning relationships are the main reason people assess their lives as satisfactory and happy as they grow older.

What determines whether or not we can achieve a satisfying and happy relationship?

Our predecessors have a strong say in this. What we have seen in childhood from our parents, grandparents or other important people in our lives is what shapes us and influences our ideas about how a woman and a man should behave in a relationship, how a relationship should look, and what love means.

Children who have had examples of a good partnership have it easier in their relationships than others who were confronted with divorce, the death of a parent or permanent conflicts between their parents.

An example:

A client saw how her father left her family suddenly one day, never wanting to talk to his wife or children again. This experience greatly influenced her life later on and led her to distrust and insecurity about getting involved in relationships.

However, it is not just childhood experiences that make it difficult for us to enter into fulfilling partnerships. It can also be the effect of failed past relationships that we have not yet digested or released.

Another reason lies in the ignoring of our own needs and the lack of respect that we give ourselves. 

And then there are the differences between women and men. Sometimes we do not understand each other! This is not because love is lacking, it is because we cannot correctly classify some behaviours of the opposite sex. 

If we still lack good communication skills, the chaos is pre-programmed.

You may have an idea of how your relationship or partnership should look. But do you really know? 

I believe it is important to have a vision or an idea of ​​what you want to achieve together and how everyday life, holidays, common interests etc. should be shaped.

  Love is a state of consciousness, not coincidence.

And for this reason, I have developed a 5-step programme to give you the opportunity to improve your relationship skills. 

If you are in a relationship that does not make you happy or are looking for a life partner, I would like to invite you to my next seminar:

"5 Steps for Love, Fulfilment and Desire







10.00 - 18.00

TREE OF LIFE STUDIO -  Nieuwstraat 7 -  3080 Tervuren

150  €


These 5 steps have also helped me to find and maintain a happy, fulfilling partnership after a failed marriage. 

As an energy therapist and relationship expert, I have successfully been showing my clients (male and female) how to use problems in relationships as an opportunity for growth for more than 16 years.

This seminar is a further opportunity in a secure, supportive framework in which you can:

  1. Understand the differences between women and men
  2. Improve your communication skills
  3. Let go of your deeply-buried beliefs and feelings that have sabotaged a good partnership so far
  4. Develop respect, self-confidence, compassion and love for yourself
  5. Find out what you really want in a relationship and work out your vision of what an ideal relationship looks like.

This process causes miracles for people of different backgrounds, faiths, cultures or from other countries. 

When old patterns of belief dissolve and we open ourselves up to our true selves, we free ourselves from destructive thoughts and feel lighter, more energetic, more optimistic and happier. This new vibration is very attractive to other people. 

Many clients who have worked with me have met their life partners, and their relationships have changed for the better.

Don’t you think it's time to clear the hurdles preventing you from being in a fulfilling, loving and happy partnership?

I would be delighted to welcome you to this inspiring seminar.

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