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  Seminar on 5 July

Avoid The Struggle In Relationships And
Create Love, Fulfilment And Lust Instead Of Frustration

What kind of relationship do you have with yourself?

Do you truly love and respect yourself?

Are you filled with confidence and an unshakeable belief in your abilities?

 Or do you constantly doubt and criticize yourself?

Perhaps you often hear a harsh voice in your head that says:

  • “You are going to fail”
  • “You don’t deserve this”
  • “Nobody loves you. Nobody likes you.”

You wouldn’t dream of speaking to your friends in this manner but yet so many of us don’t hesitate to treat ourselves with disrespect and disdain.

If you don’t take care of yourself and treat yourself with patience, compassion, love and respect, you are greatly diminishing your chance of being happy in a good partnership.

The truth is there is one, vital relationship in your life that must always come first: the relationship with yourself!

The way you think and feel about yourself is absolutely critical because if you don’t get the relationship with yourself right, every other relationship in your life is bound to fail.

Of course, you should know that you absolutely deserve

  • to feel confident, peaceful and sure of who you are in every moment of your life,
  • to be and feel loved,
  • to have a loving person by your side,
  • to have confidence in yourself and others.

Why that doesn’t always seem so easy to achieve is related to the experiences which have influenced our behaviour and our thinking in the past. Nothing new.

For example:

It was a warm summer day and I was helping my mother prepare lunch in the kitchen. I had been feeling neglected by my father and felt less loved and important than my siblings at the time. I was twelve; which didn’t feel like a good age to be when it came to talking about emotions. Nevertheless, I gathered all my courage to try to talk to my mother about the issue I was dealing with. I made her promise not to tell my father because I didn’t want him to know, at any cost.

How did the story end? Well she didn’t keep her promise and

I was convinced that I could never trust her with things that were important to me.

How do children react and what do they learn from experiencing emotional neglect from their fathers and unreliable mothers?

At the time, I came to the following conclusions:

  • I can’t talk about my emotions or I’ll be betrayed
  • If I can’t even trust my mother then I probably can’t trust anyone

It took a long time for me to trust and confide my feelings to someone again.

Experiences in our childhood are transformative; the resulting beliefs from these experiences have long-term effects and consequences.

As a therapist, I am often confronted with stories of clients’ past that seem to have long-lasting results on their present.

I often hear about their parents/parental figures

  • who abandoned them or disappeared without saying goodbye or ever speaking to them again
  • who were absent or depressed due to alcoholism
  • who made their children believe that they were never able to do anything right
  • who made their children believe that only work mattered in life and pleasures were to be disregarded
  • who left their children feeling lonely and unworthy

Don’t get me wrong, we all know your parents did the best they could and often didn’t see an alternative to their behaviour. It’s not about placing the blame for our behaviour on our parents. Nevertheless, these past experiences still influence the present struggles some of my clients face significantly.

One of the consequences could be a phobia of commitment or a repetitive attraction pattern to the same toxic partners, which share the same kind of behavioural patterns.

So what is this all about?

It’s about being able to break through the old feelings and belief systems in order to change them.

Love isn’t a coincidence; it’s a state of awareness.

If I hadn’t rid myself of my old belief system and feelings, I wouldn’t be in a happy, committed relationship.

For sixteen years, I have successfully shown clients new ways to get rid of their traumas and negative belief systems.

During the Seminar,

Avoid The Struggle In Relationships And
Create Love, Fulfilment And Lust Instead Of Frustration





5 July 2015

10.00 a. m. - 5.30 p.m.

Moorselstraat 171, 3080 Tervuren-Moorsel

150,- €

I will introduce you to a process that will feel safe, supportive and gentle, yet powerful in helping you uncover your hidden, false, negative beliefs that have been holding you back from living in a happy fulfilling partnership.

This process has proved beneficial for people from all sorts of different backgrounds, religious and spiritual beliefs, cultures and continents.

Once your old belief patterns have dissolved, you’ll be able to show your true self. You’ll be free from destructive thoughts and will automatically feel more energized, optimistic and happy. This vibe is very attractive for other people.

People who have worked with me have reported of meeting a life partner and successfully believe that their relationships have changed for good.

The seminar will teach you

  • To change your attitude and feelings toward yourself
  • To recognize what you truly want and need in a relationship
  • To no longer accept disrespectful behaviour towards yourself
  • To increase your self-esteem
  • To stop the self-sabotage programs
  • To recognize and make use of all the amazing opportunities for constructive relationships

If you think that it is time to end the struggle and difficulties that are in your way of having love, fulfilment and lust in your relationship, then I kindly invite you to this seminar.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the 21st June.

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