Surrogate Tapping On A Bird

You probably won’t believe me, but this really happened:

On my way back home my daughter called: “Mum”, she said, in a whining voice, “You need to come immediately!”

“Ok, what’s happened?” I asked, a little anxious.

"The blue bird seems to be sick. It's making strange movements with its head and it's spitting",

she said. (We have two budgies)

Oh my god, I thought, that means a trip to the vet, and vets don’t know what to do with birds when they are sick, oh no.

“I am coming!” I said and hung up.

Once I got home one quick look at the bird was enough to see that something was wrong. It was moving its head up and down and saliva was coming out its mouth like my daughter had described it.

With a sigh I told my anxious daughter that we had to call the vet. Something stopped me from going to the phone immediately and I thought to myself: "At least I could give it a try…."

Without saying or doing anything I stared at the bird and wondered where its meridian points could be. Then I imagined tapping and saying only in my head:

“Even though I am doing strange movements, I am totally OK”

“Even though I cannot swallow anything, I am a great bird”

“Even though something is stuck in my throat, I choose to relax now”

“I am a good bird and I choose to relax now, even though something is bothering me”

Four rounds, not more, I was not so sure where the meridian points were on a bird, so I imagined tapping everywhere a little bit, around the eyes, the beak, on the chest.

The whole procedure took less than a minute.

Suddenly the strange movements stopped.

It closed its beak, with a little shake of its head as if it was shaking something away it started nibbling its favorite food, cleaned itself and looked at us as if to say: “Why are you two staring at me? Is something wrong?”

My daughter looked at me, amazed: “What did you do, Mum?”

You need to know that she is not a fan of EFT. Anyway, I explained: “I tapped! The energy was blocked.”

She rolled her eyes, probably thinking: "That strange stuff again!!"

But she was mulling something over, I could see that.

A little bit later she was sitting on the sofa and asked: “Mum, my right foot hurts. Do you think we can tap on that too?”


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