Throat Inflammation

One of my clients was on sick leave due to a throat inflammation with apsithyria accompanied by fever and pain. She came in for energy medicine treatment as soon as she no longer had to stay in bed.

She was still very weak and tired

and reported that her liver and stomach were upset as well.

After I had balanced the liver meridian and redistributed energy to the spleen meridian (the spleen, among others, is in charge of the immune system), I took care of the stomach and blood circulation meridian.

By stimulating the hand and feet chakras I made sure that her body was able to absorb the energy she needed to get well again. I cleared and energized the second, third and fifth chakras with dedicated colours.

During the session my client realized even more how tired she was at that moment.

Two days later she came in with a big smile on her face telling me that her energy levels had increased substantially and her liver felt good as well.

A wonderful example of how quickly and effectively energy medicine supports the healing process after illness and infection.


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