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Transformation Retreat
On The Sunny Island Of Crete
Give Yourself And Your Life
A New Direction 
30 June - 6 July 2019

I offer you a tailor-made holiday package that allows you to dissolve your stress, beliefs and blocking patterns within a week to return home strengthened and free.

transformation retreat in Crete is for you, if you

  • Want to change something in your life and need renewal
  • Are confronted with certain topics and are looking for a sustainable solution for them
  • Do not want to fall back into the old routine and blocking patterns after the holidays
  • Need inspiration to turn your everyday life into a meaningful life
  • Are ready to embark on an inner adventure and a leap of growth to trust in yourself and follow your inner guidance

  • Want to take new ideas and strategies with you in order to be able to implement necessary changes at home
  • Want to be lovingly accompanied in individual sessions for a week because you know that it is impossible to break out of old sabotaging behaviours alone
  • Want to learn in a group how to meet the challenges of life with a laugh
  • Like to meet nice like-minded people

My aim is to give you the opportunity
to achieve what is most important to you

Subtitles must be activated in order to be able to read along.

Maybe your concern is

to re-establish a relationship 

With yourself

With your partner

With your parents, children or colleagues or  

perhaps there's another problem you'd like to resolve.

How about a holiday that gives you the ability to change the things that hinder you the most so that you can live what's really important to you? 

      A vacation 

  • That changes you in order to be able to live what you are here for
  • That uncovers paths to creative thinking and inspires you at every level of your being 
  • That frees you from the weight of the past and allows you to dissolve what has blocked you emotionally or mentally so far
  • Whose effect does not diminish when you are back in everyday life, because the old will no longer burden you

  • In which you learn new things that you can use for your future life
  • In which you are accompanied daily and still have a lot of free time at your disposal
  • With others who are on the same path as you in search of inner peace, joy of life, energy and happiness
  • With delicious food, blue sea and a lot of sunshine

Normally we go on a well-deserved holiday and recover (sometimes not). It is not so easy to get to rest; sometimes we need two to three days until we can really enjoy our holiday.

We come back and after two weeks at the latest we are back where we left off before the holiday: with the same problems, the same fears, the same worries, the same behaviour, without anything having changed. Everything starts all over again. 

We are planning our next holiday and hope that we will survive the exhausting everyday life with all our worries and needs until then. 

The last summer vacation with my husband shows
that it can also be different

We stood on the roof terrace in front of our accommodation and looked at the blue sea in front of us. Further down on the road tourists drove by on scooters and quads. 

Since we had time to think about what prevented us from taking such vacations more often or doing things that really bring us joy and fulfilment, we invested half an hour a day to bring our saboteurs out of the subconscious into the daylight and to dissolve them.

There were issues we wanted to get rid of, beliefs that stood in our way.

One theme after another was dissolved: simple, fast and sustainable.

Our vacation was relaxed,
no arguments, no stress, no discussions

It used to be different. Not that we were constantly arguing, no, but there were always naggings, inconsistencies, nerves that you don't really need on holiday.

When we came back to our terrace in the evening after a wonderful day on a fantastic beach, we agreed how good it would be for people to spend a holiday where they had the opportunity, to

My husband recently told me with a smile how much our holiday had changed him and how much more relaxed he feels.

  • Resolve their issues in individual sessions in the morning 
  • Relax in the afternoon and enjoy the sun and the sea to the full
  • Learn other methods with others for the time at home in the late afternoon and 
  • Eat fantastically in the evening.

Sometimes you have to take a leap

Drastic changes are only possible if we stick to the topic

In the group sessions you will get to know methods which you can fall back on at any time after this week and which will make your life much easier: 

EFT, Emotion Code, Constellations, Energy Medicine and Meditation

Far away from everyday life, this extensive transformation retreat offers you a cutting-edge opportunity to bring about the changes that are important to you in your life now.

The individual care that is tailored to you and the deepening of the processes that have been set in motion as a result will be continued in the group in the evening, so that after this week you can be relaxed, cheerful and free of old ballast shaping your relationships and thus your life anew.

Location and Accommodation

The transformation retreat will take place in a beautiful house on Crete near Chania. Accommodation will be in single and/or double rooms.


30 June 2019

1 July - 5 July 2019

6 July 2019

individual arrival, welcome reception and dinner

07.30 - 08.15: Meditation

08.30 - 09.30: Breakfast 

09.30 - 12.00: Individual Sessions

12.00 - 17.30: Time for beach or excursion

17.30 - 19.30: Group Session

20.00: Communal dinner

after breakfast individual departure

The seminar times can be adapted to your needs.


Seminar: 530 €

Accommodation: approx. 200 € for 6 nights (breakfast not included)

Catering: either breakfast can be booked in addition or you take care of your own catering, kitchen available. The dinner together is not included in the seminar price.


The flights are to be booked individually and are not included in the seminar fee. You will receive exact details of how to get to the seminar centre after registration.

To bring

Please add these items to your luggage:

  • Good footwear
  • Beach gear and towel
  • Sun protection
  • Stationery and writing tools
  • Comfortable clothing

Seminar Language

Depending on the participants, the individual sessions are offered in German or English and the group sessions in English.


"A community is like a well to drink from.

In it we can strengthen our spirit and replenish the strength we need to master the ups and downs of our lives".

- Gabrielle Roth, 5 Rhythms -

You agree to assume full responsibility for all risks associated with attending this retreat and using energy therapy techniques as a result of attending this retreat. The techniques used in this retreat cannot be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease or mental disorders. This retreat is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

No prior knowledge of the techniques is required.

The retreat is for adults.

Are you ready for a quantum leap 
that will give yourself and your life a new direction? 

What effect would it have on your life, your fellow human beings and your profession if you no longer had to carry the baggage that burdens you?

I would be very happy to help you with your transformation so that you can open a new chapter in your life.

Please register here. After registration you will receive a confirmation email with further information.

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