Heisshungerattacken deutsch



Oh dear! I just bought five sugar eggs……and ate them all at once. Can you believe that?

I am a healthy eater normally and to eat one sugar egg would be already an exception.

  • But did I enjoy the sugar eggs? Oh yes, I did!
  • Do I think I could have stopped after having eaten one?
    No, not really, to be honest.
  • Do I think it is good for me to eat so much sugar at once?
    No, not at all!!!

You know I am not against alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, coffee, medication and so on.

But I think, first of all, we shouldn’t depend on these substances and, second, if we want to maintain a healthy body we should be careful with the quantities when consuming them.

So what was the big deal? Why so much sugar? I had a little fight with my husband, no big deal really. But it was enough to cause a void in my stomach…

But Anja, you probably ask, why didn’t you tap?

You know what? I did tap, and it calmed me a lot or, to be more precise, the little girl in me.

But I stopped tapping too early and didn’t realize that there were still more aspects to deal with. Instead I went to the bakery and bought sugar eggs and ate them all at once….and felt miserable.

And then I thought, I’ll write a little story, because so many people cannot stop a bad habit, like an excess of drinking, smoking, eating, taking medication, gambling or working, even though they know it has negative consequences for them.

So what can you do if you go beyond your limits?

You can tap, of course. That is what I did:

(And afterwards I was smiling at myself again and at my husband too)

Karate Chop Point: “Even though I have eaten too much (fill in the blank) I deeply and completely forgive myself.”

“Even though I couldn’t stop (eating, drinking, smoking, or whatever, fill in the blank), I deeply and completely love myself anyway.”

“Even though I shouldn’t do that, I love who I am.”

Now tap through the points:

Eyebrow: “I couldn’t stop and I ask my body to forgive me.”

Side Eye: “I shouldn’t do this and I love my body and know it does its best to digest (fill in the blank).”

Under Eye: “I have consumed too much (fill in the blank) and I feel guilty.”

Nose: “I ask my body to digest (fill in the blank) in the best and quickest way.”

Chin: “I went beyond my limits and I love myself anyway and know I am doing the best I can.”

Collarbone: “I choose to find a better solution next time.”

Under Arm: “I love my body and I am thankful for the good job it is constantly doing.”

Top of Head: “I choose to relax and to forgive myself.”

And now take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of your day!


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