Auswirkungen eines vergangenen Lebens - deutsch

The Effects Of A Past Life
Dissolved With EFT


Suddenly the memory was there, first incomplete, then clearer: Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs.

She was in command. She stood, her gaze turned away, not far away from me, in a long robe outdoors. Cold, emotionless, she let it happen without intervening.

She could have saved me, and she should have saved me in my view.

Stunned, horrified by so much cold-bloodedness from a woman I had worshipped, I have to face my imminent death. Tears and more tears pour down my face. The memory shakes my whole being.

I see myself collapsing in the dark. Why is she letting this happen?

Light beings rush to my rescue, come out of the darkness, are on my side.

To see and feel that I was not alone in this bottomless despair back then fills me with deep gratitude and lets me sob again. My neck, my facial features and my head feel frozen.

My head held high I see myself going to my doom. I don't deign to look at her any more. I die bitter and full of hatred.

The angels are carrying me away.

I wanted to understand why I was so ambivalent about a friend's friend, always on the highest alert, ready to fight for no good reason. So I asked my angels what was going on.

For years I have felt this ambivalence towards her, I don't really want anything to do with her. On the one hand she is helpful and nice, on the other hand cold, cutting, uncompromising. Just like then.

I now understand why I didn't want anything to do with her; she meant danger, danger to life.

More and more people remember past lives. They appear out of nowhere, sometimes just pictures, sometimes whole scenes. This usually happens when we work on a topic that cannot be resolved without these memories. Our subconscious then pushes the relevant scenario into our consciousness so that we can work on it.

In my practice I see how positive these memories can be for our present lives when all the past feelings and beliefs associated with them are dissolved.

With EFT and specially designed sentences formulated for this purpose, these "post-traumatic stress disorders" can be easily removed from our system.

I had to tap for quite a while until the bitterness, the hatred and the deep rage were dissolved.

How do I feel now? I have spoken to this "friend" several times since this experience: the ambivalence has disappeared. I feel completely relaxed and smile silently to myself when I speak to her on the phone.


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