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Fasting Boosts Your Immune System

Did you know that fasting has an amazingly positive effect on your body and mind?

Fasting helps to

  •     Boost your immune system
  •     Balance hormones
  •     Detoxify the liver
  •     Heal the gut
  •     Dissolve fears and calm the mind
  •     Eliminate eating disorders
  •     Eliminate inflammation in the body and much more

I am currently practising intermittent fasting (15-17 hours per day) and every week I include a whole day (24 hours) of fasting where I only drink water. It is gigantic. Fasting really makes you happy!
My hot flushes are as good as gone, I feel light and my skin is good.

And since there seems to be only one topic in the press right now, I strongly advise you to boost your immune system so that the virus has no chance to land on you. If you want to do something to strengthen your immune system, then fasting should be your first choice.

Fasting has so many advantages:

  • With only 13-15 hours of intermittent fasting, you can bring your blood sugar and insulin levels down. The body then starts using the fat reserves in the body.
  • With 16-17 hours of intermittent fasting, the body starts to release toxins from the cells.
  • And from 24 hours onwards, intestinal stem cells are renewed.

How cool is that? But that is not all...

Watch a very informative video by Dr Mindy Pelz here, which refers specifically to Covid 19:

Try it and see which form of fasting is best for you.


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