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The Impact Of Positive Thoughts
On Your Wellbeing

"All present difficulties are caused by thoughts", says Ramana Maharshi in his book: Gespräche des Weisen vom Berge Aruanachala.

In working with a client, it became clear that her suffering was triggered by her thoughts.

So I decided to conduct a little test: We tested her physical senses for good, positive thoughts and negative, self-destructive thoughts.
The result was eye-opening:

Her body responded with malaise, pressure and tension as soon as she thought,
"I'm not good enough, no one loves me, it doesn’t matter anyway."

Her physical tensions went away just as quickly with thoughts like:
"I'm getting better day by day, I'm on the right path and thankful for the little things in my life that make me happy. Life offers me countless opportunities to grow."

We all know that negative thoughts trigger negative emotions, and yet sometimes we defiantly stay in a bad mood, following the motto:
"I have a right to be mad at you (or life), I feel unfairly treated and I'll pay you back for it by continuing to be angry."
It’s not always easy to change our minds and yet we have a choice, and I think a great choice; we can always switch to more positive thinking.

What are you thinking when you are not feeling well?

I invite you to be aware of what you think; observe your thoughts without judgment and replace them with positive thoughts.
For example, if

  • You feel alone:  "How about making decisions that make me feel connected to myself and others?"
  •  You feel that life doesn’t make sense:  "How would it feel to believe that I, too, have my own space to fill in this world?"
  •  You are sad:  "How about doing things that will do me good right now?"
  •  You are angry:  "How about forgiving myself for believing I have to cling to my anger?"

And as you know, tapping helps.


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