Part II: The emotional level

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Is it becoming more difficult for
women to get pregnant?

Part III of III

3. The mental level:

The following beliefs and inner conflicts, as well as anxieties and other negative emotions, block your energy system and can make it difficult to get pregnant:

  • I believe that I can only be successful in my job or career
  • I cannot stand up to the pressure from parents/parents-in-law or society
  • I cannot be weak
  • I am unable to handle conflicts
  • I am unable to enter bonds or fulfil duties
  • I think that I have no perspective in my partnership
  • I am not willing to make any sacrifices
  • I cannot unite the different interests of my partner and myself
  • I myself was disliked by my mother when she was pregnant with me “I will never do such a thing to someone else”
  • I refuse to live my own femininity
  • I am sure that I will have the same conflicts with my child that my mother has with me
  • I refuse to taking on even more responsibility for others: “more is not possible”
  • I believe that children bring unhappiness
  • I am not ready yet, I feel like a child myself, I cannot take responsibility for someone else (not out of the egg yet)

What can you do?

Also here, EFT and Logosynthesis are excellent tools to free yourself from beliefs and old conflicts and to silence the inner saboteur. Beliefs and conflicts are often taken over from ancestors and lived as your truth. I gladly offer you support with these issues.

4. The spiritual level:

The spiritual reasons are:

  • The family history, which is not allowing you to have a child
  • The divine plan that has something else in mind

What can you do?

To clarify these issues you can ask someone who can channel. Family constellations can also be helpful but I recommend getting support from a therapist at the same time.

The most important key to success is gratitude. If you are grateful for what you already have in your life, you get more of it.

For example: Be grateful for the people who are accompanying you in your life. Be grateful for the babies and small toddlers that you meet as the day wears on.

Even if it looks as if it is getting more difficult to get pregnant, women who solve their inner issues and bring their body into balance are dramatically increasing their chances of getting pregnant.

Most women who have come to me with difficulties getting pregnant have become pregnant.

Part II: The emotional level


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