Part I: The physical level

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Is it becoming more difficult for
women to get pregnant?

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2. The emotional level:

When I ask women with the desire to have children to imagine being pregnant, or having a child, they tell me the most varied feelings, fears and anxieties.

Negative emotions act like an inner saboteur of the pregnancy. I have put together a list of the feelings that I have heard most frequently over the years:

I fear

  • being or staying alone with a child without support
  • gaining weight
  • not being able to handle change
  • that life is not predictable any more
  • not having time for myself any more
  • being too old and that my sexual organs are not functioning well enough any more
  • being too weak for a child
  • having to fight all the time
  • being totally stressed with a child
  • not being practical or perfect enough
  • failing, not being good enough
  • making mistakes during and after the pregnancy
  • being stuck at home and not able to see my friends any more, being excluded
  • being at home, because I have worked with dedication and I merged in my job
  • not being able to protect my child
  • giving birth to a little monster that is very difficult
  • being overwhelmed by a very demanding child
  • not getting along with the child
  • letting the child starve
  • the death of the child after birth
  • that the child could get unhappy
  • that the child could get ill
  • that the child could be taken away
  • that my negative feelings and thoughts could prevent a pregnancy
  • handling my child the same way my parents handled me
  • experiencing the same difficulties as my mother when she was pregnant with me
  • that my child could have the same traumatic experiences as myself like abuse, rape, etc.
  • that my partner may only take care of the child and neglect me
  • not being number one, not being the queen any more
  • having a girl when my partner wishes to have a boy and vice versa
  • burdening the relationship with my partner: the child could come between us
  • not being able to rely on my partner, being without emotional security
  • the reactions and difficulties from the children who are already there
  • that the same problems with my other children could be repeated
  • losing the unborn child because of my previous miscarriages
  • being punished because of my previous abortion
  • hospitals, doctors and their messages

I feel guilty

  • because it has not worked out yet: “everyone except me can get pregnant”
  • because of my previous abortion

I am angry

  • and jealous when I see pregnant women or women with little children
  • at my parents and refuse to give them a grandchild

Fear, anger and guilt do influence our energy system a lot, and block the optimal functioning of meridians and Chakras.

What can you do?

EFT and Logosynthesis are wonderful tools to free yourself from anxieties and other negative emotions and to silence the inner saboteur. You can assume that fears and anxieties are issues of your past, which get projected on a pregnancy.

If you need help with these issues, I would be glad to offer my support.

Part III: The mental and spiritual level


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