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Is it becoming more difficult for
women to get pregnant?


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As women come to me again and again with this problem, and an unfulfilled desire to have children brings intense psychological weight, I would like to clarify the issue in this article. This article is the result of my experience and does not claim to be exhaustive.

Difficulties becoming pregnant are more common than it is often assumed. 15 to 20% of all couples with the desire to have children are affected by this problem. The tendency is increasing because the age of the couples wishing to have children is rising.

There are probably many reasons why women who want children are not getting pregnant. (I will not enter into the male reasons regarding this issue)

If the desire to have children were to be materialized it should be considered that the reasons for blockages can be found on four merged interacting levels:

  1. The physical/energetic level
  2. The emotional level
  3. The mental level
  4. The spiritual level

1. The physical / energetic level:

Everyone can probably easily understand that it can be difficult to become pregnant if you have the following symptoms:

  • ovarian cysts
  • irregular periods or problems having a period
  • endometriosis
  • difficult sexuality
  • hormone disorders
  • dysfunctional sexual organs

But what if women are organically healthy and have no gynaecological problems and it just does not work? The following list of symptoms can give you information on possible reasons:

BACK  PAIN  can indicate that there are already too many burdens in life. Women who perceive a pregnancy as an additional burden unconsciously shy away from taking on yet another burden.

SHOULDER PROBLEMS can be a sign of having taken on too much responsibility and it seems impossible to take on even more responsibility.

STOMACH, KIDNEY or LIVER DISORDERS are often the result of unreleased emotions such as anger and fear. (You will read below how negative emotions can affect a pregnancy) Strong stomach, liver and kidney meridians are needed for pregnancy. A woman who has suffered from anorexia or bulimia in earlier years should pay attention that these meridians, as well as the large intestine and small intestine meridians, are in balance.

MIGRAINES and HEADACHES can mean that there are problems listening to the needs of your belly or body.

INSOMNIA or sleeping disorders indicate that the triple warmer meridian is not in balance and that there is too much stress in your life that cannot be handled. When the triple warmer meridian is overactive the spleen meridian gets depleted. On an energetic level the spleen is like a good mother and is especially important for pregnancy.

COLD FEET and HANDS indicate an imbalance of kidney and spleen meridians; both meridians should be in balance for pregnancy.

Neither being underweight or overweight is conductive for pregnancy.

On the chakra level you need to bring balance to

  • the first Chakra that relates to security, stability and being grounded
  • the second Chakra that is our centre for relationships; the embryo is nurtured within its energy
  • the third Chakra that governs the organs you need for pregnancy: the stomach, liver, kidney, spleen, large intestine, small intestine and gall bladder meridian. This chakra stands also for your own power, strength and identity
  • the eighth Chakra that you need in order to manifest your wish to get pregnant

Our bodies give us clear messages and would like to be heard. Understanding our body language helps to dissolve blockages and to rebalance.

What can you do?

Energy Medicine, acupuncture, acupressure and Chakra-Clearing are brilliant possibilities to correct the imbalances in the body. If you need support in this area I would be very glad to offer my help.

Furthermore, I recommend the exercises of Donna Eden, which are described in her book ‘Energy Medicine for Women’.

Make sure you have a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and enough exercise.

Part II: The emotional level


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